National Parks Week

National Parks Week

Find your park There’s something immensely calming about being outdoors. I’ve always enjoyed being able to go out with a nice book, lay a blanket down and spend an afternoon soaking up the sunshine. At least, that’s what I like to do when the weather is nice. Now that Winter is retreating and Spring is fast approaching in my neck of the woods, spending more time outdoors has become a promising possibility. My family is already busy planning the sorts of outings we’ll have now that the weather is warming up and we can actually spend more time outside rather than stuck indoors waiting for the snow to lift.

Speaking of spending more time outside, I bet my readers weren’t aware that it’s National Park Week. Between April 16th and the 24th, there’s no better time to pack up the family and make the trip to your closest national park. Did you know that national parks aren’t limited to places like Yellowstone or Yosemite? You may think you knew all there is to know about national parks but in truth, they aren’t limited to a handful of locations in the US. Yosemite and Yellowstone are only 2 of over 400 parks that are part of the National Park system. These 400 locations are made up of outdoor lands, national parks, historic sites and monuments.
National Park Week is a big deal for national park enthusiasts. Each year, there’s an entire week dedicated to these beautiful locations and visitors can take advantage of locations closest to them to enjoy this beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with. Even better still, this year during National Park Week, admission to these parks is completely FREE to visitors because it’s National Park Week’s 100th anniversary! That means that you can load up the family, travel to your local park and take in everything there is to see without having to pay any fees to get through the gates. This event takes place for only one week during the year so be sure to make plans within the next few days so you can enjoy the national park locations nearest to you.
If you’ve been stuck indoors over the past few months and are cravings the outdoors along with adventure then visiting your local national park between now and the 22nd is the best cure for the indoors blues. The weather is gorgeous, the parks are breathtaking and the admission is free. How much better could it possibly get?

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