5 Skills That Will Make You a Better Parent

Better Parenting With all the advice swirling around about how to be a good mother, it’s hard to know just what to follow. Advice comes from all places: family, friends, co-workers, online, etc. and can get very confusing. And though all advice comes from a place of love, what works for one person may not work for you. Some of it is timeless as you will see in how these 5 skills will make you a better parent.

These 5 Skills Will Make You a Better Parent

As a parent, you will be a nurse, chauffeur, therapist, chef and a mountain of other roles in your child’s life. You will have to pick and choose which of those roles fits each situation the best. Using these roles as references, take a look at some of these pieces of advice.



  1. Therapist: As the role of therapist, you will need to listen to their issues with both your heart and your mind. You will get to know your children as they grow, and unlike therapists, you will be able to apply personal knowledge of them to each situation. Like a therapist, though, you will need to be objective and not always allow your own emotions to affect the advice you give your children. You have established your views and ideas. Now it’s time to help guide them and give them the tools to be a well-rounded individual.
  2. Chef: You may have dreamt of being a gourmet chef at some point in your life, or you may not have a cooking bone in your body. Regardless, you are now the personal chef of at least one tiny little critic. Forget everything you have ever known or not known about cooking. Your child will find what they like best and that will be the primary dish in every meal. It’s unavoidable! Don’t fret. It’s all just a phase and says nothing about your cooking skills. Unless you really are not very good at cooking, then peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will become your best friend (and they’re nutritious, so no worries there!).
  3. Nurse: Every parent, whether they be new or fully broken in, has at some point played nurse to their children. And you, like so many others, have probably gone way overboard with the band-aids or even taken them to the emergency room for what ends up being a cold or some other minor ailment. If you’re one of those parents, it’s okay. People might tell you that you’re worrying too much, and you probably are, but it is okay. It’s one way you learn about your child and can filter out the not-so-emergent situations later on in their life. But also, remember to allow yourself to step back and see the scratch for just that, a scratch.
  4. Chauffeur: So this one may seem like a no-brainer. Chauffeur, well that means driving kids around. Not quite. A chauffeur takes care of every little need of the passenger. They anticipate their passenger’s needs. And this is exactly an art you need to master for your kids. A chauffeur also has to have the ability to focus on driving, no matter what their passengers are doing. Again, this is an absolute must when you have children. So next time you’re in the car with your children, or even someone else’s, remove yourself mentally and focus on keeping their needs fulfilled and driving. Take the emotion out of driving and you become the perfect chauffeur.
  5. All In One Miracle Worker: Have you gotten the other four attributes down pact? Good, now put them all together and you have become the all power, all in one miracle worker known as a parent! Other multitaskers have nothing on you. You will heal boo-boos with only a kiss, be the masterful carpool parent, solve the world’s problems and cook the best mac n’ cheese known to man.



If any non-parent ever questions how much you do in a day, simply hand them this article and shut that conversation down quickly. These are definitely skills every parent needs to master in order to succeed. They may make a manual at some time, but one of your kids will probably throw it out the car window, so best to just read these 5 skills that will make you a better parent and hope for the best!


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