Zuca All-Terrain Pack Review

This is a one and done pack. Seriously.
You can pretty much haul this anywhere.

It can hold up to 300 pounds of gear. I’m a pretty tough person, but I can only carry so much in my backpack. This is absolutely made for the outdoor enthusiast.

This bag is multi-dimensional. We used it for outdoor in-line skating. It held our gear and the adjustable cup holders were ideal for our large water bottles.


We used this in Southern Utah while hiking through sand, volcanic rock, mud and water. The water resistant fabric held true. The bag is also removable and easy to wash.

We took it to the local park to hold our frisbee golf gear and snacks.

I was surprised it performed well on a snow packed trail to go sledding. We packed hot cocoa and the kids gear and enjoyed the day in the snow peaked mountains.


The large wheels are easily removed for storage in the car.

Recently, my girls became interested in ice skating and we were going every week. I noticed almost every skater had a Zuca bag to carry their gear. They even added accessories that attached directly onto the handles.

My final test will be to take this with me on my triathlon in May. It will help me stay organized with what I need to quickly get through the exchange station.

My final comment about this bag is you can add accessories like a cooler, lunch bag, disk golf rack, or utility pouch to extend its usability.

Product was given as a sample. All comments and thoughts are entirely my own.

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