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DinePod by KidCo Review




The DinePod is a foldable high chair without an eating tray. It allows us to have the baby with us at the table to share meal time and family fun adventures.

We loved how light weight (5 lbs.) and portable it was. Being 100% polyester made it super easy to wipe clean, cleaning off mud and sand we got all over it. DinePod is for ages sitting to 3 years of age or up to approximately 30 pounds; which, is awesome for me since I have two kids 22 months apart and can use it for both of them.

Explore and Play!

As an Adventure Mom sometimes going outdoors with a baby can be a bit of a nightmare with the elements (snow, sand, dirt, river, bugs, pokey things). Sometimes I’d skip out on family time outdoors because it was such a challenge trying to keep the baby safe from eating dirt, sticks, bugs, or crawling toward the river it often didn’t seem worth the grief. With a crawling 10 month old the DinePod made it less stress and mess.

Where we’ve used it…so far

First, I used it when I was unexpectedly watching 7 neighbor kids (2 of which were babies), plus my own 3 kids, it was so nice to have an extra high chair stored in the closet to pull-out and keep those creepy crawlers safely buckled and contained while I made lunch for all the other minions.

Next, we went snow shoeing and carried the DinePod with us. We had packed picnic for the top of the trail. Not wanting our little miss to freeze sitting in the snow while we ate and sled it was awesome to have her sitting safely and happily.

During our southern Utah trip we used the DinePod on several hikes, fishing, at the sand dunes, and the beach. It was seriously so nice to have our baby able to watch us a few feet away. I could participate in the activities instead of holding her or stressing about what she was climbing on or eating. Knowing she was safe made our experiences so much happier and stress-free.

Dinepod by kids


Perhaps it was just me, but it was a bit of effort to get the DinePod to close. It wasn’t hard, but took some force; which is not fun when holding a wiggly child in your arms.

Also, I would have liked to have had two straps directly on the DinePod, not just the outer cover. I don’t know about you, but I’m lazy and caring for a case is just one more thing to think about. I’d love to see it have straps for attaching to my hiking pack or putting it on like a backpack so it’s not sliding down my arm as I juggle everything else I’m carrying.

I definitely like and recommend the DinePod!

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13 thoughts on “Why we love DinePod By KidCo + Giveaway

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  2. Travelling is our life. We value having experiences more than buying things… but this Dinepod might be the single best thing EVER for adventurous parents…with the exception of the invention of disposable diapers. I’d use this Dinepod to take our little one on camping trips… then I might be able to enjoy a meal with the family..instead of after!

  3. My family and I love to take road trips, especially to visit National Parks. We woudl use this dinepod when we eat out at restaurants.

  4. We mostly do short trips and then 1 week at the beach each year. This would be perfect for those picnics we enjoy doing while on vacation. Thanks!

  5. Going places with my grandchildren is the best! Some are young enough to still be interested in what’s around them ..big trucks,license plates,etc

  6. We love to go to the shore during the summer time so most likely it would be best fit on the beach of course.

  7. We are big travelers and we move a lot with our little ones! I could definitely use one of these for my baby girl! The fact that it folds up so small and light makes it extremely easy to use anywhere, from restaurants to camping! :)

  8. We love to travel and I you use the Dinepod to be able to enjoy a meal with my whole family.

  9. We love to go fishing and camping or even just pic nicks at the park. We are due with our second baby and its a girl this upcoming August!! Would love to win for her!!

  10. We love traveling but didn’t go yet anywhere with our little one,that’s why I want to make sure we are prepared for this;planning first time going far with our baby in the end of this month..i know it will be something unforgettable :) !

  11. We would use the Dinepod on our family camping trips and at the inlaws when we go for birthday parties or cookouts :)

  12. We love to go hiking during the warmer months and would use the Dinepod when we camp out.

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