What you may not know about Ecotourism

When you look at the word “ecotourism” it’s pretty self explanatory, however, there’s a lot more to ecotourism than meets the eye. The best definition I’ve found that describes ecotourism best is “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education” (TIES, 2015).

Operate Low Impact Facilities

Ecotourism includes keeping things the way nature intended them to be. Low impact facilities are important because the environment deserves to remain unchanged. It’s a great thing that tourists can still enjoy travel while hardly impacting the places they are traveling.

Generate Revenue in a Healthy Way

Ecotourism helps provide income for environmentally sensitive areas, while still allowing visitors to enjoy the area. There are places in the world that are highly important to keep around, but they also take funding to stay stable. Generating revenue in a responsible and healthy way is a win-win for all involved.

Eco-friendly Lodging Does Exist

In a world where everything is hustle and bustle, we forget to stop and enjoy nature. When booking a hotel, make sure you look for eco-friendly hotels that care about the environment and the impact they’re leaving.

Low Impact Travel

When you decide to travel somewhere, you don’t have to leave a huge carbon foot print. Make sure you travel low impact style to help preserve the world for future travelers. There are even certain trips that are being classified as ecotourism. However, when you are booking an ‘ecofriendly tour’ make sure it truly matches the mission of ecotourism.
Understanding ecotourism is a bit tricky, but the point behind it is to be more earth-conscious. Learn to help take care of our earth, so she can help take care of us. Humans take away so much, but give so little back.

Ecotourism allows you to travel, while respecting the great world around you.

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