Rheos Floating Sunglasses

Rheos Floating Sunglasses


Ever since I can remember I’ve had sensitive eyes. Going out into the sun has always been especially hard on them. I’ve had so many occasions where I’ve been out running errands, driving around in the car, coming out of the super market and the sun has hit me and I’ve literally stumbled through the parking lot with a hand over my eyes to protect them from the glare of the sun. In an effort to protect my eyes against the sun I began wearing sunglasses some years ago and they’ve worked great in keeping my eyes shielded. Finding sunglasses that protect is huge.

The downside is that over the years the cost of sunglasses has continued to climb until they’ve reached a ridiculous price. Normally price wouldn’t be such an issue but when you lose sunglasses as quickly as you can buy them or are enjoying a day on the water as we sometimes do, and you drop said glasses into the water, the price really started to add up. With my penchant for losing my sunglasses as my guide, I started the hunt for a sunglasses brand that was functional as well as affordable. It was pure luck when I heard back from Rheos Floating Sunglasses and was given the opportunity to partner with them. During our partnership I was sent a pair of their sunglasses for review and received their Polarized Floating Sunglasses in Lifestyle Gunmetal Purple. The link I had for that pair no longer works, but I found an awesome comparable pair here: Floating Sunglasses

The Lifestyle Gunmetal Purple were pretty when I first found them online but boy, when they arrived in the packaging I was surprised at just how pretty they were in person. Purple being one of my favorite colors, they were perfectly suited to my taste. Great for whatever adventure you find yourself setting out on, whether you’re running errands, hiking or trekking across the great unknown, these glasses have been perfected to fit whatever needs you may have. From their lenses to their frames, they’ve been specifically crafted to go with you wherever your travels take you.

Features of the Lifestyle Gunmetal Floating Sunglasses include:

  • 100% UV400 Protection.
  • Premium Polarized lenses.
  • Dual Anti-scratch lens layers.
  • Shaterproof lens technology.
  • Ultralight and durable TPX frame material for floating capability.
  • Microfiber cloth and hard case included.
  • Super durable screw lock hinge.
Replacing your old or lost sunglasses doesn’t have to break the bank. At Rheos they know the struggle that comes with replacing a good pair of sunglasses and they’ve made it their mission to make it easier on not only you but your wallet too! So, whether you’re looking for a replacement, wanting to stash away a spare or buying as a gift for a loved one, Rheos has a selection of affordable eyewear for any budget.
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