Spring Snowshoe Adventures


Have you ever experienced the beauty and serenity of snowshoeing in Spring with your kids?

It’s easy to forget there’s still snow up in the mountains and when it’s sunny in the valley your kids will love frolicking in the snow in the canyon. It’s kind of a magical contrast.

We like to go to Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. But most canyons wills till have snow in early spring.

Since we snowshoe only a few times during the winter and spring we have pretty basic snowshoes that offered good value.  

We use the following shoes:

Kids Tubbs Flex Jr. Girls $59
Mom and Dad MSR Revo $140

MSR Revo

These are designed for easy walking on flat to rolling terrain and are ideal for families and casual snowshoers.

There are a vast variety you can choose from depending on your ability and frequency  of getting out. Check out REIs recommendation for how to choose the right snow shoe is accurate but you can find better deals if you search the internet or look for secondhand shoes. 

The Outdoor Indusrty has worked hard to fit women into the outdoor gear equation and there have been improvements in women’s gear. Read our article about the companies getting outdoor gear right for women.

My favorite aggressive snowshoe for women is :

MSR Lightening Ascent Snowshoes. They are ultralight and engineered for women with a narrower gait than men. However, they are pricey retailing around $289. They are worth the price if you snowshoe a lot.

However, if you don’t go often than a pair of $300 snowshoes will just be an expensive wall decoration for your garage.

Whatever you wear, make sure to get out and enjoy the last remnants of snow while you still can!

Where do you like to snowshoe in the spring?

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