Puppy Love: True Stories of Doggie Devotion

Ever since I can remember I’ve been fond of animals. Like every other girl I knew I loved different animals at different stages of my life. For a long while I was obsessed with horses; I lived and breathed anything to do with equestrian activities. While I didn’t have a horse of my own, I still loved them from afar. After that fizzled out, I swore that I was going to be a marine biologist so I could center my life around my love for dolphins. This went on for years until it too eventually shifted to another love for another species. Even now into my adult years I have a favorite animal but this love has been one that has been around for ages and never fizzled out like the others.

I think it’s safe to say that my love for dogs is forever. Well, to be more specific I’d have to say my love for puppies is forever because I can be around them all day and never get tired of them. The same can be said about their large counterparts but there’s just something about the endless energy and cuteness of a puppy that I can’t quite get over. Now that I have children, there’s all the more reason to be a fan because they’re puppy lovers as well.

When I was given the opportunity to partner with National Geographic again, I was over the moon with happiness. We had such a wonderful experience with their books the last time we partnered together, so, there was no doubt in my mind that working with them would be another special experience for myself as well as my little ones. Given that we’re all animal lovers, I couldn’t wait for our books to arrive so I could once again immerse my kids in the pages of the books we received for review.

The first book we reviewed was Puppy Love: True Stories of Doggie Devotion.

For the avid puppy lover, Puppy Love is the perfect bedtime or leisure time companion. Housed in its pages are vibrant photos and stories about their favorite four legged pups that will enchant and amuse them. These stylish photos and inspiring tales tell of playfulness, friendship, heroism, and devotion that will make readers laugh and inspire them to become the best pet owners and companions that they possibly can.

Readers 10 and up will enjoy reading this book alone or as a quality time activity. It’s hardback so not only is it more durable for their use but it’s also an attractive title to store on your child’s bookshelf. It boasts 103 colorful photographs that will delight your puppy lover and 160 pages of stories that will capture their attention and fuel their adoration.

You can connect with National Geographic online via their social media pages like Twitter|Pinterest|Google+|Youtube so you never miss the latest news and product releases.

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