Family time is an important part of our lives. With work, school, and extra activities, it is nice to spend some quality time as a family together, especially on a Saturday morning. Nat Geo WILD KIDS gives us that quality time my kids and I long for. With two hours of fun, excitement, and education, these are a few of the things I love about Nat Geo WILD KIDS:

    • My Kids Love the Adventures: I can’t take my kids on random adventures to the wild, but Nat Geo WILD KIDS can! They get to climb the tallest trees, soar over canopies, and look for hidden treasures in some of the coolest forests. My kids love going on the African Safari with WILD as they are inspired to explore the world. Did I mention the catchy songs?! We can get up, dance, and sing silly songs that stick. The hilarious talking and singing animals have my kids laughing all morning.  
    • It’s Educational: Do you have a hard time getting your kids to learn from you? I do too, and I struggle to find shows they like that give them more. Even though my kids love Nat Geo WILD KIDS, I love it, too, because it’s educational. My kids have already learned several new animals, states, and geographical locations. No teaching required! With catchy songs, jokes, talking animals, and funny commentary, my kiddos have no idea that their actually learning.
    • It’s a Great Way to Spend Quality Time: Cuddles, dancing, and singing are the memories that last a lifetime. Each morning, we can learn, sing with a rapping bald eagle, or take an adventure to a faraway land together as a family. We can spend two hours learning together, playing together, dancing together, explore together, and enjoy each other all in our home.


As you can see, Nat Geo WILD KIDS is chalked full of education, fun, and adventure for the whole family. That’s why we check into WILD channel on TV, from 7am-9am EST every Saturday morning. Check out some of their content yourself at



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