Healthy Snacks For Kids


disclaimer Go Slammers Kids love snacks and I love giving my kids as many snacks as they want. Snacks make the world go ‘round in the kid world, which is where Go Slammers Snacks come in for us. We love using these snacks on the go because they’re healthy, easy to eat, and super fun. Here are some ways we use Go Slammers Snacks in our everyday lives.

After School Snacks- I know your kids are probably super hungry after school, so are mine. I never knew what to feed my kids because I didn’t want them to fill up before dinner, but I also didn’t want them to stay hungry. Go Slammers Snacks are tasty, superfood Greek yogurt snacks designed to fuel kids with organic fruits and vegetables. So, I know they’re getting their fruits and veggies, but can also stay hungry for dinner.

On the Go Snacks- Before we head out for the day, I put a few of the Go Slammers Snacks in the diaper bag for emergency snacks. Kids get hungry at the most unexpected times. I don’t like stopping to get unhealthy snacks for the kids, so I love having these on hand at all times. I love the Go Slammers Snacks because the kiddos can easily feed themselves without much effort. I call it a mom win. Each flavor introduces kids to fruits such as mangos, acai, yumberries, kiwis, and pomegranates, and serves as a great source of essential vitamins.  Two flavors also come packed with seven grams of protein—perfect for active kids. My kids even get introduced to some new foods as they eat their Go Slammers Snacks!

Breakfast Buddy: In our home, protein is super important because it keeps us fueled all day long. The Go Slammers Snacks are perfect for breakfast because they help keep everyone fueled for the day. They’re super tasty. We usually pair a Go Slammers Snack with some scrambled eggs or oatmeal in the morning. It also makes our mornings go a lot smoother.

As you can see, Go Slammers Snacks work awesome for our family as they will yours. Head to their website to check the brand and yumminess out for yourself.


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