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End The Hair Tangle War + Giveaway

Wet brush

Is there anything better than a long hot shower after a hard day of household chores and errand running? I love being able to trade duty with my spouse and step into a steaming shower. It does wonders for me to wash the ick of the day away and truly makes me feel like a million bucks. The one thing I don’t like about a nice hot shower is my hair after it’s all said and done. You know what I’m talking about, the tangled, ratty mess that comes with shampooing and conditioning. What a nightmare, especially when the roles are reversed and it’s my daughter whose hair needs to be combed out after a shower.

The Wet Brush Review

But the even bigger war is the brushing of my daughters long golden locks. It always ends in tears. It’s so stressful some morning that I would rather have her go to school with bed head and the tears that are part of brushing, adding extra stress to our day.


The yelping and constant string of “ouch” gets pretty unbearable after awhile, for both her and myself. We’ve tried conditioners to try and help with the after shower knots and we’ve tried detangling spray but never with the amount of success I would have liked. It wasn’t until I was offered the chance to work with the folks behind the Wet Brush that I finally found a product that would help ease the stress of after shower brushing.

The Wet Brush was invented as a way to put an end to the crying and frustration and pain that comes with trying to untangle knotted hair. With it’s unique Intelliflex bristles, the Wet Brush runs effortlessly through hair, wet or dry. You can finally brush your hair without all the painful pulling and tugging that normal brushes leave in their wake. With the Wet Brush there’s no more cursing, crying, pain or tears, just sweet relief and beautifully (knot free) hair. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, thick hair or fine hair, the Wet Brush will tackle your knots will ease.

Wet Brush has a variety of different products for you to try. Head over to their website and view their stock of Detangle, Shine, Baby and Special Collections brushes and say goodbye to painful snarls and knots, for good.

Check out this video that shows how moms, dads and kids love the pain-free brushing Wet brush provides
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49 thoughts on “For Life’s Tangles + Giveaway

  1. I have no funny or cute hair stories just long hair and loads of snarls when I shower and wash my hair. I need all the help I can get. Please send help and fast.

  2. My teenagers is a hair professional! She can do her hair in so many different ways and always look cute! Lucky Girl :)

  3. Wish i had this as a teen rideing in the back of a pickup for hours with my sister coming back from our uncles hair down omg took hours to get the tangles we made sure to put are hair up next time

  4. my hair used to long till the cncer took it but when it was thick i would go theorugh all hell to get the tangle out it curly long

  5. you need to put the button for teh ladies on the site it would be lot easire

  6. My daughter decided to give her barbie a hair cute and then herself when she was 3 years old!

  7. When I was about three I gave myself and my sister a haircut for family pictures

  8. My daughter got silly putty stuck In her hair!! Took tons of oil to get it out

  9. Static is the worst for my hair! It gets stuck on everything and drives me crazy!

  10. Not really a funny story, but my daughter has long hair that she refuses to let me brush most of the time. She’s old enough to do it herself, but doesn’t because it hurts. This would be for her!

  11. I used to cut my Barbie’s hair. I could never figure out why it didn’t grow back.

  12. I once cut my little sister’s hair and butchered it. Her hair was to her ears and she was in fourth grade! I felt so bad, and I never touched scissors again!

  13. I once trusted a boyfriend to color my hair & I ended up with spots everywhere!!

  14. When I was taking a nap one day, my daughter woke me by saying the chilling words “Let’s cut hair!” and snipped off a piece of my hair with safety scissors. It was not a good look. :)

  15. My mother would always give me a perm the day before school pictures, what awful pictures for me.

  16. My youngest daughter has long fine hair that gets static in it no matter what I do–and yes, I have tried wiping it down with fabric sheets, and that keeps it tame about three minutes! She spends most of the cold months with her hair standing straight up all over. When I put it in braids or ponytails, her shorter “new growth” hairs stand up! I tell her she has porcupine quills instead of hair :)

  17. I cut my hair when I was a little girl. I hid under the dining room table and chopped my bangs. My brother caught me doing it, haha.

  18. I got my daughter the detangle brush for Christmas and now I want one.

  19. I have gotten my hair stuck and tangled in a roller brush. I couldn’t get it out and had to cut it.

  20. I don’t have a crazy hair story, but this brush looks amazing. I really want to try it out!

  21. Gum in your hair will make you do the worse thing like cut it .

  22. When my son was a toddler, he and his cousin decided to cut each others hair with kid scissors. Thankfully the scissors were meant for paper and not hair – they only managed to cut some bangs off each other.

  23. Love it love it love it. My step daughter has always had a super tender scalp. She would literally cry when we brushed her hair when she was younger, and with her baby fine hair it easily tangled. Now she’s old enough she can brush it herself but she still has a very sensitive head. I got her a brush similar to this a few years back and it’s been a lifesaver. It however it’s really easy to use, it doesn’t have a handle to it often slips out of your hand…. But she wouldn’t even think of trading it for a regular brush…. So this one would be AWESOME. Love the handle which makes it easier to hold onto and easier to use. And love the three different products, I would also enjoy these as I have long wavy hair and a ton of it so brushing always takes forever and by the time I’m finished my scalp is tender from the pulling but these are awesome because they don’t pull like normal brushes do. We would absolutely love to win a set, thanks for the Chsnce.

  24. It wasn’t funny at the time, but when I was a teenager I tried to trim my little sister’s bangs and botched it. She looked awful. She didn’t care of course, but my parents sure did!

  25. Thank goodness my daughter has never tried to cut her hair. She is 10 yrs old now, so let’s hope she doesn’t try to catch up for “lost time”. Her hair does get some pretty epic tangles. I was brushing it out and the tangle (and a few other hairs) came out.

  26. When my son was younger, he cut his hair right up next to the scalp and down the middle, leaving him with a reverse mohawk. We had to shave his entire head. My other son shave off all of his eyebrows.

  27. My oldest daughter is a hair stylist. When she was 10, our youngest daughter(7 at the time) wanted her to cut her hair. She cut a huge chunk out of the back. It was so bad, I had to take her to the salon to get it fixed. LOL She’s come a long way :)

  28. It’s funny to see stories about hair on here!? This brush sounds magical! Maybe I’ll brush my hair more than once a day with this!

  29. Mmy daughter has super curly hair and the wet brush is the only brush that hasnt pulled her hair ! Its the magic brush in our home, unfortunately we misplace it all the time !

  30. My daughter has autism and she is extremely sensitive to having her hair brushed. The wet brush is the only brush we have found to remotely control the amount of pain she gets from brushing, needless to say we own three of them and we would love more to share with her friends in the special needs preschool class she attends!

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  32. My daughter is 13. Since she was 4 or 5, she’s been doing her own hair. She was always a mess, but didn’t want me styling her hair, so I let her do it herself. Now that she’s a teen, I’m amazed at the things she can do with her hair! I wish I was that talented. And it’s always something new! So much fun to see what she’ll look like when she comes out of her room in the morning!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  33. My daughter cut her own hair in several places, some of them down to the scalp. That was almost two years ago and we are still having styling issues…ugh.

  34. My son cut his hair once, the whole front of his bangs were all choppy and weird for a whole day before I broke down and had to shave it short. Sigh.

  35. I tried to dye my hair blond from dark brown when I was a teenager and it came out orange. My mom had to take me to the salon and spend a fortune to get it fixed.

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