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Showers Pass Torch Reflective Wool Blend Ankle Socks – Unisex


When it comes to biking, you pretty much want to be as comfortable as you can be, from head to toe. When I got my hands on Torch Reflective Wool Blend Ankle Socks from ShowersPass, I was an excited girl. There are times that we like to bike at night, which is where the reflective part comes in. Whenever you’re wearing cycling shoes, the reflective socks sit right at the ankle and warn drivers of your existence on the road.

Fit & Feel

Wearing the Torch Reflective Wool Blend Ankle Socks from ShowersPass shows you just how uncomfortable other socks really are. When these are first put on your feet, you are pretty shocked at how comfortable a sock can really feel. There’s a band on the top that make the socks even more comfortable.

Dry Quickly

Let’s face it, if you’re going to be riding a bike, you are bound to run into some water somewhere. You may even be a heavy foot sweater. These socks dry quickly, breathe well, and add extra durability thanks to the Nylon components within the socks.

Basically, if you’re going to choose a sock to really ride your bicycle, look into the Showers Pass Torch Reflective Wool Blend Ankle Socks. They provide stability and shock absorption for stop-and-go movements and protects against blisters with close-fitting padding.

  • Here are a few other reasons to choose these particular cycling socks!
  • Extra-flat toe seam stops pressure points
  • Soft merino wool breathes well, helps regulate body temperature, and is naturally odor resistant
  • Flexible tongue zone minimizes fabric at the top of foot for flexibility
  • Extra-flat toe seam stops pressure points
  • Anatomical design delivers an unbeatable fit and feel
  • Compression pattern on arch and Achilles

Purchase a pair of these for yourself here. Come back and let us know what you think!

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