Best Sunshade for Baby and Toddler


Just a few short weeks ago our favorite groundhog predicted the return of an early spring. Parts of the world that were covered in snow would soon see the first rays of true sunshine and the sprouting of new spring grass. Everywhere I went there was a buzz of excited spring related chatter while all around me plans were popping up for what people would be doing once the warm weather finally returned. Not that I could blame anyone. This has seemed like literally the longest winter that I could recall in many years. With little sunshine to speak of and more snow than I would normally like, it was no surprise that everyone was so eager to welcome spring

I’ll admit, after months of bitter cold and snow, I was more than ready to embrace the warmth and make some plans of my own. Although my family and I have spent our fair share of time outside despite the cold and snow, it hasn’t been the same without the warmth of a true sunny day. Now that the weather is starting to warm up and snow seems to be fading into nothing more than a memory, it’s time to start spending more time together as a family and being outside soaking up the sunshine. Of course, too much sunshine isn’t good for a person either, no matter how deprived they might feel after a winter of gloominess.

With the promise of lots of sunshine ahead, I agreed to a partnership between my blog and Baby Moov. When I was offered the chance to review one of their Anti-UV Pop Up Tents it seemed like fate. It was the perfect way to get my kids to spend time outside without having to worry too much about the effects of all the direct sunshine on their sensitive skin. Year after year I treat more sunburns like I can count so this opportunity was one that I couldn’t pass up. Not only is this Anti-UV Pop Up Tent fully functional for my outdoor needs but it’s also incredibly cute with it’s blue and green colored fabric and cute multi-shape design.

Now you can enjoy the beach, playground, lakefront or even your backyard without the disadvantages. The Anti-UV Pop Up Tent is fully portable and easy to fold up so you can take it virtually anywhere your adventures take you now that the weather is warming up again. With a assembly time of 3 seconds and the ventilated mess that will keep your little ones cool even on the hottest of days, the Anti-UV Pop Up Tent is the perfect way to welcome spring back into your life.

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