What do big cats, Toms shoes and National Geographic Kids have in common?

Toms big cats

TOMS Shoes Partners with National Geographic Kids to SAVE BIG CATS

Animals are so easy to love. With the unique characteristics that each species has and their personalities, they make it impossible not to love them. Ever since I was a child I’ve been a lover of animals and have had my fair share of pets, each one as equally loved as the last.

Now that I have children of my own, I’ve tried my best to instill that same love in my little ones and so far I’m proud to say that my efforts have paid off.

Our family dog is much loved by each member of my family; from lazy days in bed to vacations, our beloved pooch is included as one of the family.

For years our family pet has been a source of joy and unconditional love, not just for myself but for my little ones as well. We have so many memories together.

My family’s love for animals is reflected in so many aspects of our lives. From fashion to toys and beyond, it’s clear to anyone on the outside looking in that we’re animal lovers.

3-Heather_Quote_472x282 A roar of a partnership

This is especially true about a partnership I worked on with TOMS and National Geographic, when I was given the opportunity to review a pair of National Geographic themed TOMS shoes.

These adorable shoes, worn by my two year old, were created after the establishment of the TOMS Animal Initiative which was created by Heather Mycoskie. A

n animal lover at heart, Heather founded the organization after becoming aware that lions in the wild were fast becoming at risk of being extinct.

Through her efforts, the Animal Initiative through TOMS will be partnering with nonprofit animal conservation organizations to drive awareness and funding for global animal protection, something we need to be more aware of now more than ever with so many species quickly nearing extinction.

Big cats especially need to be protected in the wild. So many are being hunted, merely for sport and for trophy hunting, that it’s become more important than ever to take measures to help ensure their safety.

One good example of big cats being hunted, is a story that was recently in the news about Cecil the lion. While living within the safety of a game preserve in Zimbabwe, Cecil was lured away from the preserve by a US dentist and killed. 10007077-TinyGirlsTanCanvasJaguarAlpargata-S-450x316 10007076-BoysTinyBrownCanvasLionAlpargata-S-450x316

Cecil was 13 years old and a local favorite. His story is a sad one and is just one of many cases of big game hunting that is quickly becoming an issue for the future of big cats in the wild. If we don’t take action to protect these creatures, they’ll quickly become extinct!

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