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At the beginning of January I know a lot of people, myself included, who made resolutions to become healthier in the new year. Weight loss, a healthier lifestyle, better diet, etc. are age old resolutions, sure, but they’re great ones to have since so many of us found ourselves slipping into nasty habits last year.

Personally, I was all too happy to start ditching some of my unhealthy habits in order to start replacing them with healthier ones.

One of my worst habits is buying unhealthy foods and bringing them home to my family. With so many cheap and unhealthy options within hands reach on the shelves of my local grocer, why wouldn’t I choose them over the more expensive, harder to come by food items?

Candies, cakes, cookies and highly processed foods are by far the more favored route for most people but this year I just knew I had to start making better choices, before it was too late.

  Sprouts Market Salt Lake City
When the opportunity to partner with Sprouts Farmers Market, an American chain of specialty grocery stores that focus primarily on fresh foods, produce and vitamins/supplements, I was all to happy to hop on board with them.
My main goal in the new year is to become a healthier individual as well as to help encourage my family to make more positive health decisions, so when I learned about the Start Fresh with Healthy Habits campaign, I was thrilled.
The campaign will run throughout the month of January and aims to help Sprouts customers in making small, achievable goals in the form of healthy habits that will turn into long term changes and health rewards over time.
During the Start Fresh with Healthy Habits Campaign Sprouts is encouraging their fans and customers to sign up for the campaign and commit to a healthy habit (of their choice) for 21 days in a row.
The goal is to introduce a new habit into your routine while also keeping it around long term after the habit has been built over the 21 days.
The campaign will run from January 1st until the 21st. In addition to forming a new healthy habit that will benefit them on their journey to becoming healthier overall, entrants can visit the Sprouts website when signing up and view featured articles and content related to healthy habits.
Each day, entrants can go to the entry form to enter and let Sprouts know that they achieved their daily habit.
Over the course of the 21 day campaign, entrants will have been able to earn a total of 21 entries so that by the end of the campaign, they will be eligible to win a grand prize from Sprouts: Free Groceries for a year, in the form of $5,000 in Sprouts Gift Cards! How awesome is that? Enter here: Habit My Way.
You can connect with Sprouts on their social media pages via Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram so you never miss the latest news and location openings!
What are your tips others to have  healthy habits?

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