Our Favorite DIY Camping Gear

DIY Camping Gear

I love camping and having good gear can make it infinitely more enjoyable. I recently discovered the But a lot of gear is fairly expensive. I am always looking for ways to make gear or find fun hacks. Here are a few of my favorites so far.

Fire Starters – I made these pine cone fire starters in less than a half an hour. You can find this and many other ideas for DIY fire starters here pine-cone-firestarter

Washing Station – I just cleaned out an old laundry soap dispenser and filled it with water. Don’t forget something to catch the used water. Other wise you will have a muddy mess on your hands. You can also use this water to help put out the fire.  washing-station

Transportable Swing – This is an amazing idea from OutsideMom that is guaranteed to keep the kids happy while camping. It is cheap and takes up next to no room. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Photo Credit - OutsideMom
Photo Credit – OutsideMom

Garbage Can – Use a collapsible laundry basket as a garbage can; cheap and easy to transport.

Photo Credit - Real Simple
Photo Credit – Real Simple

Buckets – Buckets are my favorite for camping because they are so versatile. They are water proof so our gear stays dry, they can be used as a seat or a water bucket if needed and are very sturdy. They are also a lot less expensive than most waterproof bags. Win all the way around.

Plastic Bag Storage – You can never have enough trash bags when camping. Just clean out an old baby wipe container and fill it with trash bags. You can reuse grocery store bags or just put a roll of bags inside. Holds up better than a paper box.

Photo Credit - The Teacher's Wife
Photo Credit – The Teacher’s Wife

Camping Organization – I have never used this but it looks amazing. Such an easy way to store and move your camp kitchen. This in on my to do list. You can find it here on Pinterest.

Photo Credit - Walmart via Pinterest
Photo Credit – Walmart via Pinterest

Stove – Forget your stove? Just lay a few text stakes across a couple rocks, build a fire underneath and cook. Great idea from Sierra Trading Post.

Photo Credit - Sierra Trading Post
Photo Credit – Sierra Trading Post

Check out this RV Checklist, too!

Your turn. What is your favorite piece of DIY camping gear?

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