Family Fun at Gorgoza Tubing Park

Gorgoza tubing park

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who embrace winter and those who do their best to avoid it at all costs. Personally, I’m part of the latter group and start getting excited about winter when the leaves start to change in my hometown. I must be one of the few people I know that look forward to storing away my summer clothes and breaking out my snow boots and thick parka. When winter hit Utah this year I was more than ready for it. After all, what’s not to love about winter? Hot chocolate, bonfires, snow angels and snow men are just a few of my favorite things about winter but one thing that I love above all else is being able to visit Gorgoza Tubing Park! Gorgoza tubing park

If you’re looking for some excitement this winter Gorgoza Park is the place to go! Family friendly and fun for all ages, the park has something to occupy each member of your family, whether you’re staying together or splitting up for the day. Opened on November 25th of this past year, Gorgoza Park has everything you and your family need to have a blast. All you need to bring to be admitted to the park is a warm jacket, snow boots, (ski boots aren’t permitted in the park) a winter hat, gloves and goggles or sunglasses. The park supplies the rest!

Guests of the park are provided with tubes, uphill transportation and staffing so your needs are met while playing the day away. While at Gorgoza Park visitors can choose from a variety of fun activities. Choose between tubing, mini snowmobiles, and Fort Frosty.

  • Tubing. Kick up your feet and enjoy the ride on Gorgoza Park’s seven lighted tubing lanes. There’s even a hill for your groups little ones to enjoy.
  • Mini Snowmobiles. Rev up the adventure as kids zip around on these pint sized snowmobiles.
  • Have pint sized guests with you on your trip? Take them over to Fort Frosty where kids 8 and under can enjoy activities best suited for their age group.

Gorgoza tubing park Gorgoza Park truly has everything your family needs to enjoy the day together playing in the snow! From their uphill lifts that transport you over and over again up to the tubing lanes, a fun place for your little ones, snacks and drinks and affordable pricing options.

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