My Faves Friday: Second Edition


This week for My Faves Friday, I have two products that I have fallen in love with to share with you. I have really started to love products that are made from people, not machines. There’s something really cool about buying from a parent who has invented something or from an entrepreneur that has a bigger vision for their company.

The Catchie

First up is the The Catchie by CatchieConcepts.com. I fell in love with the idea of this product from the moment I laid eyes on it. You see, I’m the mom of four children and I don’t know how many times my kids have dropped something in the backseat and I wasn’t able to get it for them because I was driving. Whether we’re on our way to drop the older kids off at school or just in the middle of a trip somewhere, I cannot physically stop the vehicle and pick my child’s item off of the van floor.

catcie 1

I love that my kids can drop their snack, their water bottle, or whatever—the Catchie will catch it. Once your kid gets old enough, they might be even able to reach down and grab something that has dropped. I firmly believe this is a life changing concept for many parents for one reason. There is nothing worse than a child who’s dropped something in the vehicle and cannot reach it. Someone should give the creator of The Catchie an award. I also love that they’re coming out with several new designs for The Catchie too!

catchie 2

I also love the drive and passion behind Catchie Concepts. It all started with two sisters in 2013, they’re all about creating high quality products that can improve everyday life! The Catchie would make an excellent gift this holiday season. Purchase yours here.

Leakproof Seat Liner from Coco & Kiwi

Let me tell you a little something about this handy dandy seat liner from Coco & Kiwi. The very day I got this item in the mail, I needed it. I have a 5 month old and a few weeks ago, she decided to have a blowout. I thought—“no big deal, I’ll just wash the car seat fabric and we’ll be good to go.”  Boy was I wrong. My car seat fabric in un-attachable. I cannot wash it! So every time my baby has a blow out, I’m stuck. Until I discovered the beauty of a detachable leak proof liner like this one from Coco & Kiwi!

liner 1

The inventor of this contraception was also brilliant because there’s a little seat buckle hole. That means my baby can stay safe, dry, and comfortable. I have to admit that the design is also beautiful. Who says baby products that are practical have to be boring? Not Coco & Kiwi because they rock. Learn more about this fabulous company here.

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