Children’s Book Review: The Central Park Tales

The Central Park Tales

Please welcome Joanna Rice to the Go Adventure Mom Team. Joanna lives in New York City with her husband and one year old son. 

After living in New York City for five years, I have spent a good amount of time in Central Park because it is one of my favorite places in the city. There is always something new to see and explore which made me so excited to read the children’s book, The Central Park Tales.


Written and illustrated by Marcus Meesters, the book contains ten charming short stories about the many animals that live in Central Park and the adventures they go on. Some of the main characters in the book include Squirrel, Duck, Frog, Mousekin, and dog brothers, Doctor Beggar and Mister Pup. The characters are unique and I enjoyed getting to know their personalities. The situations that the characters get themselves in are quite amusing. This book would be great to read aloud as a family and then to discuss the situations and outcomes of each tale.


Marcus Meesters beautifully illustrated sixty colorful illustrations that make the tales come alive. The drawings have a classic feel to them and I found myself wanting more of them throughout the book. They depict real places throughout Central Park, which I really enjoyed and would also appeal to children who live in NYC as well as those planning to visit.


The writing is simple yet detailed and is around a 2nd grade reading level. I believe all ages of children would love to hear the tales read aloud to them so that they could imagine the enchanting Central Park and the wonderful animals that live in it.


The Central Park Tales


Marcus Meesters is the author and illustrator of The Central Park Tales. He was born in the Netherlands and at the age of 25 moved to Amsterdam and got to know Vondelpark, which is where he got the idea to write his own children’s book about the animals that live there. His first book, The Vondelpark Tales, was born and extremely well received. Meesters recently released the second book in the trilogy, The Central Park Tales, and the third book in the trilogy, The Hyde Park Tales, is expected to release in 2016.


Learn more about Marcus Meesters and his books at www.thecentralparktales.com

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