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A Friend for Lakota

A Friend for Lakota

National Geographic has always been an advocate for animals. Ever since arriving onto the scene with their glossy magazine covers sporting amazing creatures caught on film, National Geographic has been passionate in their belief in the power of science exploration and storytelling. I grew up with National Geographic being the go-to for all things animals and during my school years I used the magazines frequently to aid in student articles about extinct or endangered animals. When I was given the opportunity to review one of their hit story books, A Friend for Lakota, it was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. I knew my little ones would love it.

A Friend for Lakota follows the incredible real life story of Lakota, a shy wolf cub. Growing up, Lakota was at the bottom of his pack and as a result was often bullied by other members of the pack. The story grows with Lakota as he progresses in pack life and focuses primarily on her strength of endurance until the fateful day when he meets the supportive and nurturing friend he’d always longed for to help him on his journey within the pack. In addition to following Lakota’s story, the book will also teach your child about the need for conservation awareness as well as coming to understand the many challenges faced by wolves in the wild today.
A Friend for Lakota is written b Jim and Jamie Dutcher. While living in a tent in Idaho’s Sawtooth mountains, the duo dedicate their time to observing and documenting rarely seen behavior within the pack of wolves they live with. The time they’ve spent living with the Sawtooth pack has resulted in 3 documentaries, 3 Emmy awards and the foundation of the ground breaking organization, Living with Wolves. The Hidden Life of Wolves was published in National Geographic is 2013.
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  1. Posted by Laura

    I love how beautiful they are!

  2. Posted by Julie Lundstrom

    I like the way they put their noses up and howl. My dogs do that too and I love it.

  3. Posted by Darlene Owen

    My favorite thing about wolves is that they look like dogs.

  4. Posted by Dorothy Boucher

    One thing I love about wolves is that once they are a family, they will do anything to protect there love ones.. I also love the fact that they are free…. but if we don’t stop killing them, who and what is next,, do we become extinct to.. Please don’t stop fighting to all wolves all GOD creatures are safe

  5. Posted by Samantha

    My daughter’s favorite animal is the wolf. She loves their eyes and how strong they look.

  6. Posted by Kathy Hoffer

    Their playful nature!

  7. Posted by Mary Warner

    The most interesting thing about wolves is their intelligence.

  8. Posted by sandra

    they are just such beautiful creatures

  9. Posted by allison

    i love their coloring and eyes. Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  10. Posted by Keri Gilbert

    This looks so good!

  11. Posted by Wehaf

    I love their intelligence and community behavior, and I love how they can form meaningful attachments to people even though they’re wild and of a difference species. There’s something magic about the connections between people and wolves.

  12. Posted by Jackeline

    I love how they are social animals, always hanging out in a pack.

  13. Posted by Brook

    I think they are a beautiful animal! They look so majestic, in my opinion.

  14. Posted by TallulahJane

    I love that wolves normally run in packs even though you always here about a “lone wolf”.

  15. Posted by Wendy Rozema

    I like how beautiful they are!

  16. Posted by kelly mcgrew

    i like the howling sounds they make

  17. Posted by Dagmar M

    I love how they playful they are with eachother!

  18. Posted by miranda

    I think they’re beautiful

  19. Posted by gary

    I love the look of their fur

  20. Posted by Sherri J

    I just think they are beautiful animals. They are my son’s fav animal too.

  21. Posted by Nicole Sender

    I like their devotion to the pack!

  22. Posted by renee

    I love their beautiful fur coats.

  23. Posted by Courtney

    They are so neat to look at.

  24. Posted by Sindy Murray

    they run in packs and their lifespan is from 6 to 8 years.

  25. Posted by Denise Clark

    Love, love wolves. They are such a symbol of beauty and power.

  26. Posted by Liza Vladyka

    my daughter learned about the idinarod(spelling?) and i think she would love this

  27. Posted by Cassidy

    They’re graceful beauty.

  28. Posted by Stacy Renee

    I love that they have an alpha leader of the pack and are so beautiful.

  29. Posted by Leela

    They are beautiful creatures.

  30. Posted by JESSICA!

    They are so beautiful, love that they run in packs.

  31. Posted by Jennifer Ingham

    We once had a Wolfe/Malamute dog and she was so loyal and intelligent.

  32. Posted by Tracy Webb

    I like that they live in packs .

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