25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We all have seen the Elf on the Shelf and he/she can be pretty naughty. Although the elf is always getting into trouble with things inside the house, we decided to think of some ways that naughty elf could get into trouble while on an adventure. Check out some of our fun ideas. Be sure to print this list out!

  1. Freezing Trouble- The family is about to walk out the door for a nice nature walk, but a certain naughty elf has put cold water on the sidewalk for it to freeze. What a naughty elf on the shelf.
  2. Snack mix-up—Last night mom packed a bag full of healthy snacks for the very busy day ahead, but a certain elf replaced all of the good food with junk food.
  3. Caught in the video game act- There’s a limit on video games in the house, but Elf on the Shelf decides to stay up late playing video games.
  4. Downhill skiing- We just can’t seem to get that elf to sit still. This morning the kids will catch him trying to downhill ski on the stairs.
  5. Stuck in the Kitchen Aid—Mom loves to cook healthy meals in the kitchen, but Elf on the Shelf was caught in the Kitchen Aid trying to make a box cake mix.
  6. Blocked trail- Elf on the Shelf doesn’t feel like going on a hike today, so he decided to block the trail from everyone else.
  7. Flat tires on the bikes- The Elf on the Shelf decided to give the bikes a flat tire. I guess no one is going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. Funny faces on the fruit- Someone says they’re allergic to fruit, so they decide to write funny faces on the fruit.
  9. Turned off the alarm clock- The Elf on the Shelf doesn’t want to participate in the famiy 5K, so he turned off the alarm so everyone overslept.
  10. Head first in candy- Elf on the Shelf is bound and determined to stay away from healthy food, we found him head first in a bag of candy this morning.
  11. Elf yoga- This morning Elf on the Shelf was caught doing Elf Yoga.
  12. Grocery list hostage- Elf on the Shelf decided to write his own grocery list this morning, but left out all of the healthy food, he only listed junk food.
  13. Hid the dog’s leash- Elf on the Shelf was caught red handed hiding the dog’s leash. Walking is just not on his list of things to do.
  14. Driving away- You catch the Elf on the Shelf trying to drive away in your vehicle.
  15. Elf on the Shelf was trying to escape, but ended up locking himself out of the house.
  16. Your Elf gets caught loading up snowballs for a snowball fight, using marshmallows.
  17. Hanging up Christmas lights isn’t easy for an elf, which is why he got tangled up and is now hanging upside down.
  18. The Elf on the Shelf decided to relax after the family walk, however he fell asleep floating in his floaty in the sink.
  19. The Elf was in a building mood, so he decided to open up a hidden box of Legos that were actually his Christmas present.
  20. The Elf on the Shelf doesn’t like the idea of riding his bicycle, so he puts a funny face on the family picture frames.
  21. The Elf gets caught trying to take off in one of your kid’s fake car toys, but gets pulled over.
  22. Elf on the Shelf gets caught building his own workout room because he’s not satisfied with the one mom gave him. Q-tips anyone?
  23. Elf got caught on the iPad and now he’s sitting in time out.
  24. Elf doesn’t want to go outside and play, so he hid everyone’s shoes.
  25. Elf was finally caught red handed putting M&Ms into the “healthy” trail mix.

We hope you like this list of fun Elf on The Shelf Ideas. Which ones are your favorite? What would you add?

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