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A Little About Me

I’m a pretty low maintenance person. I’m usually in casual, comfy clothes and wear makeup every three to four days depending on how I feel. I’m also outdoorsy and athletic.

In addition, I like to support companies whose products are designed by women for women.

Bra Fittings Are Awkward

For me, being fitted for a bra was like getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I didn’t want to do it, I knew I needed to do it, and I thought I would feel better afterwards.

The three times I was fitted for a bra were disasters for two reasons.

First, I went to department store and Victoria’s Secret. I felt sheepish because each woman who helped me looked extremely well put together. Me, not so much.

Second, I have never been fitted to the correct size. It’s my fault, probably because I felt sheepish. I guessed which bra looked the best and made a run for it.

Title Nine BRAvangelists Bravangelist

The women helping me were down to earth, sporty, friendly, funny women. They immediately made me feel comfortable.

I was asked how active I was. Did I run? Did I hike? Did I ride a bike? Did I walk?

Then I was sized. Did you know a woman’s bra size changes 8 times during her life? I didn’t. So at some point I may have had the right size but it changed over time.

Then I was given a wide variety of bras to try on. So they have a ton of different styles. There is a fit for everyone. I tried on five different styles and each one fit for different activities.  There is one you can wear around town, to hiking, to running – just cinch up the top. If you don’t live near a store check out the Title Nine bra genie.

Shout Out

I’ve used my new bra for running and hiking. It’s comfy and supportive and it doesn’t dig away at my sides.

Shout Out to VASA gym and Big Cottonwood Canyon for awesome facilities and trails.

Hike Millcreek

I’m not only a blogger who got a free bra to review but I’m also a customer ;)

While I was in the store I bought $200 worth of Fall outfits because T9 styles just work with my casual style. I can literally go to the office, to lunch with friends, to hiking, to a night on the town. Check out this dress.

This is where I’ll buy my bras forever more.


In the spirit of full-disclosure I’ve received material and necessary resources to review this product. No payment was given or expected for this post and all statements and sentiments are my own.



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Mary Edwards
I live with my twin girls and husband at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the summer I like to run, hike, and camp. In the winter I like to snow shoe, cross country ski and cozy up to a stack of novels. My family delights me with their love, humor, and desire to go on outdoor adventures with me from catching butterflies to dipping toes in rivers, to making s'mores up the canyon. I earned a Master of Professional Communication at Westminster College and was marketing manager for the Utah Symphony & Opera Deer Valley Music Festival and Program Director at Brighton Girls Camp. Both opportunities fueled my love for the outdoors.

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