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Today, I’m sharing my most embarrassing “mom moment” for all of the online world to see. I’m a little nervous, but hope that I can help others dealing with what I went through last year.


Poise Pads Can’t jump on the trampoline anymore?

Cross your legs when you sneeze?

Pee when you laugh too hard?

Avoiding coughing?


If you say “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you may have Light Bladder Leakage, or LBL for short.


No one told me that pregnancy and childbirth could be so hard on my body. Did they tell you?

After giving birth to our third child I found out I had a prolapsed bladder about 6-8 weeks after having the baby. (Please don’t Google images of this, really, don’t.) This caused for my Light Bladder Leakage. This was so embarrassing for me.

For a while, I wouldn’t even talk about it with anyone. But today I’m sharing my most embarrassing moment in hopes to help someone else.

I thought, “I’m not an 80 year old grandma. This shouldn’t be happening to me!” But over time, the more I talked to people about it, I found out that it is a lot more common, just not something we like to talk about. It’s not exactly something that comes up at the playground or at school pick up. But it did make me VERY self-conscious and frustrated. I found that I couldn’t work out or run (which is my sanity). I gradually became more isolated and depressed.

My grandmother had LBL problems and would go through boxes and boxes of tissues that she would put in her underwear. It wasn’t until after she had passed away that I found out I had the same problem as her. It made me have much more empathy for what she had gone through.

It was then that a friend put me in contact with her friend and she provided me with a lot of information and support. Knowing that there are REAL solutions was HUGE for me. Poise Pads for Pee

Visiting “THAT AISLE” at Walmart was about the last place on earth I ever wanted to be. You know the one, the grandma aisle. I had been using a regular light weight sanitary pad, but after trying a few out I learned that Poise makes specialty products for LBL. It’s a great way to provide discreet production and giving you the flexibly to be more confident all day long.

I saw an urologist (which was just awkward). Over time, my prolapse corrected itself (after I stopped nursing) and has been able to live a fairly normal life with only the slight inconvenience of wearing a pad during long trips.

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Poise pads for pee help you to avoid those embarrassing moments.

Don’t be afraid to jump, laugh, cough and sneeze. Poise pads will protect you!


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