Finding Neverland Broadway Musical


Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland on Broadway Finding Neverland musical

Consider buying an “experience” instead of just any gift for your loved ones this holiday season. This stocking stuffer will make you believe again. Finding Neverland

Before the curtain even opened to the Broadway musical Finding Neverland, my imagination was sparked as Tinkerbell flew across the audience and around the theatre to set the stage for a magical performance.

Finding Neverland The Broadway musical Finding Neverland is about the author J. M. Barrie who has lost his creativity and can’t seem to write his next hit London play. While sitting in Kensington Gardens he meets the beautiful widow Sylvia and her four young boys: George, Jack, Peter and Michael. From the moment Barrie meets these boys, he is taken into a land of pirates, mermaids and fairie Finding Neverland s. The boy’s storytelling and playfulness help Barrie to create the fantasy that is Neverland and the story of Peter Pan. The Broadway musical is based on the 2004 film Finding Neverland.

The wonderful music, set design and staging of Finding Neverland the Broadway musical help take the audience into a fantasy world. I was amazed several times throughout the show as the stage transformed into a pirate ship with sails and ropes coming from the ceiling or how pixie dust seemed to fly perfectly through the air. I loved how the boys seemed to float in their bedroom as they were flying and how the use of a simple walking cane gave us the first glimpse into Captain Hook.

The magic continued with the great cast and writing of the show. Glee’s Matthew Morrison played J.M. Barrie and had a great stage presence. Laura Michelle Kelly played Sylvia Llewelyn Davis, the boys mother, and the songs she sang combined with her beautiful voice were outstanding. I really enjoyed the performance by Terence Mann who played the producer and Captain Hook. Throughout the show he had many witty lines that made everyone laugh. I loved seeing the development of how the character Captain Hook came to be. I was also really impressed with how talented and professional the kids were who played George, Jack, Peter and Michael. They really seemed like they were having so much fun on stage. Finding Neverland Broadway Finding Neverland is a family show, however, there are the more serious topics of death and a struggling marriage that are discussed throughout.

Near the end of the show, the entire audience finds themselves believing and clapping to keep Tinkerbell alive. The desire to “never grow up” was brought out in everyone. The Broadway musical Finding Neverland is imaginative, funny, heart-warming and magical until the very end.

This is an incredible experience that is great for families. For those with younger children, consider the matinée.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos of Julie Andrews and Finding Neverland star Laura Michelle Kelly (who, coincidentally, originated the role of Mary Poppins in the stage version both in London and on Broadway).

Finding Neverland

Ms. Andrews came with her daughter and grandchildren. And, after the show, they all took pictures with the cast and gushed over how much they enjoyed it.

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