kids and football

Family Football Activities

kids and football

It’s that time of year when football fans from Pee-Wee leagues to the NFL raise their Buffalo wings and cheer! The fall is a time for family football activities such as tailgate parties and watching the game!

As an adolescent, I watched football games with my parents and little brother in the early 1970’s. We’d pick our favorite teams, based on little to no criteria, and then we’d yell, groan, tease each other, and eat snacks around our smallish, block of a television console.

I don’t remember if I even liked football all that much but I know how I felt. I belonged to them. We belonged to each other and football was in the middle of it all.

Whether you’re a fan or not, football games can, and should, make for laugh-out-loud, inexpensive family adventures.

So gathering kith and kin together for these enduring fall-time traditions:

Tailgate Party at Home

Plan to watch football at home with a smorgasbord of tailgate party food like wings, pizza bites, chili, dips, chips, cheese, and crackers. I was so inspired by these healthy tailgate food ideas from Dashing Dish.

Or set the television up in the garage, pull out the vehicle, and drop the tailgate for an afternoon of football frenzy.

Tackle This Test

You may not know the difference between a Wishbone or a Skinny Post but taking this Football Trivia Quiz can get you pointed in the right direction.

Friday Night Lights

There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, like bundling yourself and your family in blankets to watch the local high school team play football. For the last forty years my uncle and auntie have never missed watching their local high school games. The school has even designated reserved seats for their two best fans!

Pass the Pigskin

For generations families have been tossing a football around in the backyard. And why not, it’s a no-brainer family tradition for all ages. In some families, Thanksgiving is not complete without tossing the ball or a game of touch football.

Play Jackpot

Everyone decides the point total that each player must reach to win. Then, the someone is selected to throw the football toward the crowd of players who are gathered about 30 feet away. All the while calling out how many points the throw is worth. Whoever catches the throw earns the points. The first player to reach the predetermined point total wins the game and becomes the new leader. If during the course of the game the person throwing the football calls out, “Jackpot,” the person who catches the ball wins the game.

Alright now team let’s do this. Huddle and… break!

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