Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Review


Jabra Sport Coach

Jabra Sport Coach

Whether I’m writing up a post for my blog, doing household chores, working out or doing something as simple as reading a book, my background noise is always music. My music motivates me to do so many things and there isn’t much I enjoy more than putting in my earbuds and letting the music play while I go about my daily routine; this is especially true as I go about my daily exercise routine that I started this past year.

Music has a way of helping me get through my routine in a way that seems impossible without it. The problem with this however is that most normal headphones can’t stand up to the test, what with the constant movements and the sweat a workout produces. Luckily for me I found Jabra and their Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds. Jabra-Sports-Coach

A global producer of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions, Jabra’s main focus is to empower their customers. They recognize the tremendous potential inherent in technology and the fact that it can set people free and empower them to accomplish amazing things, on their own terms. Jabra’s products harness that technology and enable their users to work, live and play on their own terms. Always connected, always on and always ahead of the game.

The Jabra Sport Coach Earbuds are wireless earbuds with intelligent audio coaching optimized for cross training and and indoor workouts. Each pair fits your ears securely while being sweat and weather proof so you don’t have to worry about ruining them after a particularly hard workout or when unforeseen weather rolls in. You can also get the most out of your new Jabra Sport Coach Earbuds by visiting your play store and downloading the Jabra Sport Life App.

Included features to look forward to when purchasing the Jabra Sport Coach Earbuds include:

  • Intelligent Audio Coaching. Plan, track and analyze your cross training or indoor exercise. You can choose from over 40 different exercise that range from beginner to advanced.
  • Trackfit Motion Sensor that tracks your distance, pace, steps, cadence, and calories burned if you combined running with crossfit training. The unique motion sense then captures the data and sends it directly to your Sport Life App.
  • Immersive Wireless Music Powered by Dolby brings out the true depth and clarity of your digital music.
  • Available in 3 different colors: Blue, Red and Yellow.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new pair of headphones that will take you where you want to go in your fitness routine then I would definitely recommend going out and grabbing a pair of the nifty headphones for yourself.

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