HABA Who’s Who at the Zoo

HABA Who's at the zoo


From the very start of their family owned and operated company, Haba has been dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers. Located in Bad Rodach, Haba believes in the importance of both social responsibility and the maintenance and increase in jobs in their area. Haba was founded in 1938 in an empty factory by Anton Engel and Eugen Habermaab and later was taken over by Eugen in 1940 when his equal partners pulled out of the company.

After taking control of the company, Eugen saw it through the second world war before unexpectedly passing away in 1955. After his passing, Eugen’s wife, Luise, a mother to their 4 children, took over in her husbands place and was later joined by her son, Klaus. Together they ran Haba until the death of Luise in 2003 when Klaus took over sole ownership of their company in the wake of his mother’s passing.

I was able to review quite a few awesome children’s games from Haba but one that my family particularly enjoyed out of the 7 we were sent, was Who’s Who at the Zoo. Geared towards kids 6 and up, Who’s at the Zoo is a fun game about animals and teaching our children the ins and outs of comparison.

“As speedy as a snail and as heavy as a bear..which is slower and which weighs more?” Your little animal detective with have a blast as they learn about different animals and the sizes, weight differences between them all. Whoever draws the right conclusions as far as which animal is bigger, weights more, etc. from the provided hints, wins the game! It’s a great guessing game for families, whether your young or old.

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