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Last week, we had the opportunity to partner with Papa Murphy’s and were able to visit our local Papa Murphy’s on Parley’s way. We were thrilled to visit the local store and learn to make our own pizza.

As Papa Murphy’s way of “thank you” to their customers, they are holding “Customer Appreciation Days” start September 7 and run through September 10. Where you can get 50% of a pepperoni pizza AND 50% off regularly priced Hogle Zoo admission! The Zoo discount is good from September 7 – October 1.

papa murphy's


We showed up to the Papa Murphy’s on Parleys Way.
Papa Murphy's pizza discount


When we arrived, the manager, Bo, showed us around and told the boys to scrub their hands and get gloves on. Have you ever tried to put on a plastic glove with semi-wet hands? It’s much harder than you may think!

Papa Murphy's pizza discount


We learned about the dough and that they make their dough fresh. At our home, we love making pizza and have been working on perfecting our pizza dough recipe. Papa Murphy’s uses only the best ingredients when making their dough. I was thrilled to find out that you can actually purchase their pre-made pizza dough already rolled out and ready to go. So, if you ever need to grab some pizza dough quick and don’t have time to make it yourself and let it raise, you can stop by Papa Murphy’s.

Next we learned how to spread the sauce. They used this flat tool that almost looked like a pie knife to spread the sauce. It took a little practice, but Bo was a great instructor and helped get it even.

Papa Murphy's discount code

Spreading the sauce:

We learned that the “base layer” cheese is mozzarella. But for the top pizza they use a mix of smoked provolone and cheddar or other gourmet topping cheese for the gourmet pizzas.

Papa Murphy's pizza coupon IMG_3783


One thing that I thought was a super fun idea is these mini pizzas that you can buy. It’s a pizza kit that costs $4. It would be a fun thing to get for a birthday party or after school activity on a Friday when the kids get out early.

mini pizza kit

The pizzas turned out fantastic.



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