Haba Loco Lingo Fastgrasp Game Review

Loco Lingo Fast Grasp


Haba Loco Lingo Fastgrasp Game Review

Over at Haba, their mission is more than just making toys and games for your little ones; they’ve made it their mission to make inventive playthings for inquisitive minds. They strive to make sure their products nurture the cognitive growth of young children while also ensuring that they have fun while doing so. Studies show that play benefits: language development, math skills, motor skills, problem solving, creativity, social interaction and emotional growth. These things are especially true when families play together instead of on their tablets, phones or other electronic devices..Haba’s puzzles, games, role-playing accessories and signature wooden products can be fun for all ages, including adults.

During out test run with some of the great games from Haba, we were also sent the game Loco Lingo Fast Grasp for review. The target audience for Loco Lingo Fast Grasp is 3 and up, and the game itself is great for developing language skills, imagination, reaction and concentration,

Loco Lingo Fast Grasp is jam packed with great ideas, suggestions, stories, riddles, and poems, all about the pieces that are included in the game. It has room for 1-6 players in the game and is suitable from ages 3 to 12. Fun for small groups or bigger groups for family game nights, Loco Lingo is a fun way to aid in your little ones development in their fine motor skills. It can also be played using any of the other Ratz Fatz series.

So, grab a few of those adorable little hands and guide them to the nearest table for a round of Loco Lingo Fast Grasp. Players young and old will enjoy the includes poems, stories and riddles that go along with it!

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