While you’re out enjoying the summer with your family the last thing you want to do is think about is having to go out and buy school supplies but with holiday breaks, snow days and hurricane days adding up over the last year, the summer will be over more quickly than ever and the back-to-school shopping will once again be a necessity. Notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, folders, binders, crayons, etc. the list the school sends at the start of the new school year is always a mile long and if you add that to the list of new school clothes for each child, the stress begins to build almost immediately as you start to envision those hefty dollar signs.

One thing I won’t be stressing out when back-to-school shopping begins this year is my child’s backpack needs. Every year, without fail, my little ones come home on the last day of school with a backpack (which started the first day of school brand new) that looks like it’s been thrown in a wood chipper. When the opportunity presented itself to work with Fjallraven to review their school packs, both over the moon and relieved that I wouldn’t have to drag my kid around looking for the perfect backpack again in just a few short months.

I love this backpack for me and use it daily as my purse. I have tendentious in my elbow and shoulder and have found using a backpack as a great way to relieve stress on my arm. There backpacks come in a large and small size, perfect for mommy and me backpacks.

IMG_9265 Fjallraven was founded in 1960 when the then teen Ake Nordin from Ornskoldsvik, North Sweden, was spending his time outdoors hiking rather than indoors like other teens his age. After spending his time hiking in the mountains and deciding that the backpacks available to him were unsatisfactory, Ake took matters into his own hands and crafted a wooden frame that he would use for his own pack. His own crafted design allowed him to have the weigh of the pack evenly distributed and also to carry more at one time. Ake’s innovation caught on quickly and later in 1960 Fjallraven became the first to commercially make and distribute framed backpacks.

For my review I was sent one of Fjallraven’s Kanken Backpacks.

The Kanken Backpack was designed for swedish school children in 1978 and is available in a whopping 37 colors so you’ll be sure to find one that meets the likes and personality of your little one. Crafted from durable Vinylon F fabric, the Kanken repels moisture better than any other synthetic material and is unparalleled in the areas of functionality and design.

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