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Shimmy Tee


Athletic Shirts can be a pain, literally. I’ve bought my fair share of active wear over the years and have never had much success in finding the correct brand or product for my body. Everything chaffed, cinched, hugged or rode up in uncomfortable places; every time I tried to shop for what I needed it always turned into a miserable experience and I’d give up shortly after. Thankfully, when I found Stonewear Designs and was given the opportunity to work with them on a few reviews, it turned out to be a match made in heaven. The products were modest, which I like and have a hard time finding, they were comfortable and they fit perfectly-no bulging or uncomfortable skin tight appearance.

For my last review for Stonewear Designs I was sent their Stonewear Shimmy Tee but before I go into the details about this adorable shirt, let me share some facts about the company with you. After I’m done you might just love them as much as I do:

Founded in the mid 1990’s, Stonewear Designs was created by a fellow woman who was at her wits end with trying to find exercise clothing to fit her feminine body. Fed up with not finding the clothing to fit her body type and being unable to get the support she needed where it counted most, she set out to design a clothing line suited for women that last longer and that was more comfortable overall to wear during exercising. Using soft fabrics and spandex, she did just that and created a sports top with a built in bra that would end up changing the entire active wear game for women. Thus, Stonewear Designs was born.
Today, the company still strives to produce clothing for women that are built to last, are comfortable, look superb and make the wearer feel good, no matter what. Stonewear Design clothing is made for any type of activity you could think to use it for: Hiking, climbing, yoga, running or even for making that New years resolution and getting back to the gym. If you’re like me then exercising is a worthy challenge that I would much rather be comfortable doing than feel confined and uncomfortable. That’s why I prefer to choose clothing that fits, looks good and gives me the support I need, where it I need it most and THAT is what Stonewear Designs is all about.

The Shimmy Tee is available in 4 great colors and is made from lightweight, moisture-wicking material that will keep your cool throughout your most intense workout. The natural gathering on the sleeves give the shirt an adorable look that everyone can enjoy while the pristine V-neck is highlighted by double stitching.

Whether you’re a hardcore fitness fanatic or just enjoy the occasional workout, Stonewear Designs is a fantastic company to give your business too and will have your back, no matter what your fitness needs may be!

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