Important Travel Lessons Every Child Must Learn

Important Travel Lessons Every Child Must Learn

As you take your child on all of these sightseeing adventures, you may wonder what your child is getting out of it. Hopefully they are learning a whole lot and getting the experience of a lifetime. I wanted to share some important travel lessons that every child must learn.

Travel is a privilege

No child should feel bad about having the chance to travel, but they should understand that not everyone gets to participate in such awesome adventures. Teaching your child gratitude about the people and places they will see, as they travel, is important.

Respect is Important

Children should also realize that not all people, cultures, and food are like theirs. It’s important to teach a child how to react to certain cultural situations with respect. For example: someone offers them a not so appetizing entre, give them the tools and knowledge for them to know how to react. Respect is so very important when traveling.

Safety is a Concern

While teaching your children about travel, it’s best to also talk to them about the importance of safety. Although someone may look friendly, it doesn’t mean they are safe. If your child gets separated from you, it’s imperative they have the skills necessary to get the help they need.

Take it All In

While traveling is a privilege and there are a lot of bases to cover with your kids, it’s so important that your child takes in the experience. Encourage them to write in a journal and take lots of pictures. Some day these travel experiences will help shape your child into the incredible human their meant to be.


Traveling with your kids is quite the experience. The best thing you can do is to prepare your kids as much as you can for traveling, but also let them experience some of it on their own level.

What are some important travel lessons your children have learned over the years?

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Kathy Dalton

One thought on “Important Travel Lessons Every Child Must Learn

  1. This post is especially striking a cord with me. I think the gratitude aspect is so important. In our world, it has most helped them respond to grandparents and cousins and church friends who always comment about how lucky they are or ask them what tourist-y attractions they loved most. Hearing your kids respond by telling something life-changing they learned or rattle off the quirky neighborhoods they fell in love with helps me to know we’re doing the right thing.

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