MyKick Balance Bike by Burley


My Kick Balance Bike by Burley Review

MyKick by Burley – Review

Those looking for balance bikes for young children best check out the MyKick by Burley. They are the manufacturers of bikes and biking gear that is perfect for families. I had the opportunity to review one of them and wanted to tell you all about this product.

Little Assembly Required

The MyKick is a great balance bike for children ages 3 and up. This balance bike is perfect for parents who want outdoor gear that is almost ready to go. Once it is delivered to your home, there is little assembly required. All you need to do is twist the handlebars into the proper position and use the included Allen wrench to tighten them into place.

Low Maintenance

There is little maintenance required with this balance bike, which in my opinion is amazing! Who wants to spend a lot of time fixing flat tires? I know I would rather be outdoors with my children riding on the bike trails or other places where we like to explore with our bikes.

Honeycomb Tires

The tires on the MyKick are honeycomb and filled with air but are very durable. They also have great traction, which is a great safety feature given the age and ability of the rider. The rubber tread tires are great for riding on paved sidewalks or dirt roads that are level.

Durable Grips

Another thing that I like about the MyKick by Burley is the rubber grips on the handlebars. They are made with rip-proof rubber, very durable and built to last.

Comfortable Seat

The seat post is adjustable and ranges from 12.5 to 16 inches. Adjusting the seat is really simple, there is a quick release adjuster. Told you that this balance bike was literally maintenance-free! The seat is padded which helps to provide a comfortable ride for a child. It weighs 11.3 lbs.

I should mention that this balance bike does not limit the ability to turn like some of the other balance bikes.

Like any other biking gear, the MyKick does need to have a regular safety check. The bolts are exposed and may show normal wear and tear over time. They jut out from the bike frame and can be a scratching hazard, so remember to check them periodically.

Children Learn the Basics of Balance and Biking

Children who learn the basics of balance with this piece of bike riding equipment will not be as frustrated while learning to adjust to balancing their body weight. There is no need for them to learn how to peddle. The MyKick by Burley does not have a pedal mechanism. Movement is produced by the child kicking their feet to propel them forward.


Overall Thoughts

Overall, the MyKick balance bike by Burley is an excellent product for parents who want to introduce their children to the world of biking.  MyKick balance bike is available at Amazon.com and is a very cost-effective investment. Your toddler will learn the basics of bike riding and learning how to find and keep their balance.


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