Hi-Tec Kids Tortola Escape JR Review



Hi-tec Kids Tortola Escape Review

Are you looking for the ultimate shoe for your kid this summer? The Hi-Tec Kids Tortola Escape JR may be just what you’re looking for! Check out some of the reasons we love this “shandal” and think you will too. These shoes are very popular because they can go in water and have good traction.

Easy to Put On

There comes a time in every parent’s life when they are ready for their children to put on their own shoe. One of the reasons we love the Hi-Tec Kids Tortola Escape JR so much is that the child wearing the shoe can put it on themselves. How awesome is that?

IMG_3599 Big Fit Insole System

The big fit insole system actually helps to extend the life of your child’s shoe. There’s nothing worse than spending a small fortune on a shoe to find out it’s not going to last. The way the Hi-Tec Kids Tortola Escape JR is built, these shoes will last forever!

Lightweight & Comfortable

When you’re a kid, you love getting into nature and the Hi-Tec Kids Tortola Escape JR help make that happen. These shoes are perfect for going around water because they dry quickly. The shoe also fits well, which means it’s more comfortable for the child wearing the shoe.


hi-tec kids tortola escape review

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Jess Weaver
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