DIY Swing Ideas for Your Front Yard

DYI Porch Swing

DIY Swing Ideas for Your Front Yard

by Rudri Bhatt Patel

Summertime means lazy days and spending time outdoors. What better way to enjoy a cool evening than to gently swing back and forth on your front yard swing? Kids can play on it during the day, while adults can steal a few quiet moments at night to enjoy the starry sky. These DIY swing ideas for your front yard will make your summer a memorable one.

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DIY Swing from an Old Chair

Do you have an old dining chair that you aren’t using? With a few steps, you can repurpose this chair and make it into a swing. Saw off the legs of the chair and get as close as you can to the seat. Sand down the remaining stumps so that they are even with the chair base and repaint it with the color of your choice. Mark 4 places to drill the chair that will help the swing to hang. Add a poly rope to the chair and loop it through and then attach it to a sturdy tree. After a few hours, you are ready to sit and relax!

DIY Swing

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DIY Rope Swing

Kids will have tons of fun with this round disk tree swing. They will definitely use it for adventures in the front yard. Cut the round disks out of a wooden board, sand it down and drill a hole in the center. Loop the rope through the hole and then your kids can choose to paint the wooden board with a design, let it dry and then swing to their heart’s content!
For more detailed instructions, Instructables offers a step-by-step guide on how to create this fun addition to your home.

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DIY Tire Swing

Tire swings are a throwback to the past, but a creative way to add a quirky addition to your front yard. This DIY swing is for handier individuals who are comfortable with various tools to secure the swing to the tree. You will need a tire, bolts, s-hooks and a chain to make this swing work for your front yard. For more detailed instructions, Instructables has a guide to help you with the details.

Tire Swing

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DIY Pallet Swing

This pallet swing will make an interesting addition to your front yard as it serves as a decorative accessory as well as a fun place to relax. You will need a pallet, lumber, cushions and pillows and a sturdy rope. For instructions on how to make this swing chair, check out the detailed guide on The Merrythought.

DIY Swing

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DIY from Old Door to Hanging Daybed Swing

You’ve replaced your front door and don’t know what to do with the old one. Why not repurpose it into a hanging daybed swing? This is a great accent to a front yard or your porch area. You can have conversations with friends or let the kids hang out on a Sunday afternoon. For detailed instructions on how to create this swing, check out The Simple Solution Mom.

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For more design ideas and inspiration, head to Modernize.com.

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