Aquabot: Perfect for When It’s Hot & When It’s Not

Aquabot: Perfect for When It’s Hot & When It’s Not

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a water bottle that makes your life a lot easier? That’s where the Aquabot comes in. It’s an efficient water bottle that makes life more fun. Let’s face it, drinking water straight out of a plastic water bottle is boring, so why not spice things up a bit? Here are some of our favorite features of the Aquabot.

  1. Aquabot turns your water bottle into a multi-tool that cleans, cools and hydrates you, pets and gear.This is a fun water bottle to have with kids especially, if they need a little squirt of water, there you go!
  2. Use the mist to keep cool at sporting events, music festivals and work.This function of the Aquabot has come in handy so many times for us! It can get hot while hiking and there’s nothing quite like a good cool down!
  3. The shower is great for cleaning up after camping, tailgating, backpacking and the beach. The stream will make you a champion during water fights.Okay, this is my favorite function! My family may or may not have gotten into a few fun water fights because of the cool shower function on the Aquabot.

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