5 Tips for Legoland


5 Tips for Legoland

Parents are often faced with planning a trip to a theme park at least once a year. In some cases, the choice is often Disneyland. However, Disneyland can be a little intimidating to younger children under the age of 6. Legoland in sunny CA is a popular travel destination for parents of young children. Here are 5 Tips for Travel to Legoland that should make your trip more enjoyable!

1. Plan Ahead

Plan your trip well in advance. The best times of the year for theme park excursions is when the park first opens or later in the season. Do not plan a trip to Legoland in the summer unless you plan on waiting in long lines to get onto the rides or into the entertainment venues. When you choose to go early or late in the season, you will not be facing extremely hot temperatures either. During the winter Legoland is not open Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so do make a note of that. Legoland

2. Check Height Requirements

Take some time to measure the height of your child(ren). Some children may not get on certain rides because of their height. It is best that you know beforehand. Plan an itinerary to have a younger child choose a ride that they like and could go on and then take both of them to the bigger ride so the older child could go on a ride.

3. Arrive Early

Arrive at Legoland when the gates first open. In fact, Legoland is known for opening early. Plan on heading to the one main big ride that your child(ren) want to go on. That way they will at least get on the ride and not be disappointed. IMG_2528

4. Take Along Some Lego MiniFigures

Let your children take along some of their less favorite figures or doubles to trade with other children.

5. Remember the Bathing Suits

There is a lot of Splash and Play areas in Legoland. Have your children wear their bathing suits or take them along in a beach bag. Take along an extra change of clothing and socks because your kids will get soaked.

The above 5 Tips for Travel to Legoland will help to make your trip more enjoyable. Don’t forget to prep the children well ahead of time so they will understand what to expect and what is expected of them. Most of all, remember to have fun and take along a camera!

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