4th of July Sanuk Patriotic Collection



Sanuk Patriotic Collection

After spending an entire winter in heavy boots and thick socks, I bet you can imagine how tired I was of the bulky getup and just how ready I was to ditch them at the first sign of warm weather. When the first hint of spring arrived, it was an incredible feeling, to finally free my frozen toes from the confines of my winter boots and let them be warmed by the sun for the first time in what felt like ages. I was able to be barefoot in my own yard again but even better than that, I was able to bring my collection of flip-flops and sandals out of hibernation.

With the summer already kicked off and June being halfway through already, it was no surprise that I started to think about the next big holiday we would be celebrating as a family: the 4th of July. As much as some folks put into planning their celebration, what they’ll serve to their guests, what fireworks they’ll do or go see, etc. I put into planning the outfits we’d be wearing–right down to each family members footwear. Maybe it’s just me but I love to do co-coordinating outfits for each holiday but it can be tough sometimes to find matching pieces for each member of our family. I’m not going to lie, when I got the chance to work with Sanuk to receive their Patriot Collection for review, I was pretty stoked at the opportunity. I could kiss the shoe search I’d been on goodbye and worry about the other aspects of our holiday planning. sanuk review patriotic

Sanuk was founded by Jeff Kelly, in 997. A free-spirited entrepreneur, Jeff set out to build a backyard that was as much about funk as it was function, hip as it was hippy and humorous as it was heartfelt. Jeff set into motion the founding principles that Sanuk still holds true today: Creativity, innovation and fun. From the beach to the barbecue and behind, Sanuk exists to make their customers smile. Their goal is to provide creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed product for people who find joy in shared experiences.


The Patriot Collection includes some fabulous options for women, men and children. Some of those options include:

Tropic Funder Patriot: the patriotic design of this fun shoe will help your little one proudly sport their american pride. It had a molded rubber strap and comes in sizes 8/9-12/13.

Youth Patriot: Stylish and comfortable, you’re child will love wearing these around the house or even out and about.

Women’s Selene Patriot: With it’s unique red, white and blue design, the Selene Patriot is a fun, funky way to celebrate the 4th with style.

Men’s Tropic Funder: Have Dad match with your little ones this 4th of July with the Tropic Funder flip flop.

IMG_9322 Getting your family dressed up and ready to go is just one fun part of each holiday that we enjoy. If you’ve been looking for co-ordinating outfits for your next holiday gathering then complete your outfit with fun, unique shoe styles from Sanuk!

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