2015 Family Travel Trends

2015 FAMILY TRAVEL TRENDS make traveling with children even easier than ever before.

In reviewing the US TRAVEL ASSOCIATION recent research and attending the TRAVEL SHOW, I thought I’d pass along some trends that families can take advantage of.


– Ultralight: With many airlines charging high fees to check baggage and up to $75 fee for over weight luggage, look for luggage that doesn’t add weight.

– Multifunction: We’re seeing bags that can be used in multiple ways.  For example, Ospre Packs makes a dufflebag with a detachable backpack.

– Stuffable backpacks: Crushable or stuffable backpacks that fit into a small bag like the Poler bag make it easy to bring a child sized backpack along for the flight. When you don’t need it, fold it away into the front pocket for easy storage.



– Fly for less: Now there are more airline options. The big powerhouses Delta and US Airways have competition. Airlines like Allegiant and Alaskan airlines are making it affordable for larger families to fly. You may need to be creative on your departure dates, but for $100 round trip tickets to LA and San Fransisco, the cost to fly is attractive.

For those flying out of Salt Lake, we have found Southwest Airlines to be very family friendly.

– Airport Security: Children no longer need to remove their shoes. This reduces the chaos of getting through security quicker.

– In flight: You can now leave your tablet on in flight.


– Car Seats: No need to lug around a baby carrier, car seat and a booster seat. Car rental companies, like Alamo, have very clean and often new car seats to rent.

– Discounts: Use your Costco or AAA membership for additional car rental deals.

– Pre-pay: Paying before you get to the car rental will save you time and money. By pre-paying you can skip the line and get on your way.



– Family Suites: Cramming all the kids into one room with you may save money, but you’ll likely not get very much rest.

My son grinds his teeth and our daughter is a sleep wrestler. That combination paired with a baby, have made for some very restless nights. Which in turn means for very tired parents the next day.

Family suites are a great solution. They often offer a separate room with bunk beds for the kids, baby cribs and kitchenettes.

– Kids Stay Free: Many hotels offer “Kids Stay Free” offers. These are on off-peak days, but a great way for families to save.

– Breakfast: FREE breakfast means you don’t have to spend time getting food and more time out exploring and enjoying your time together.

– Better Kid Programs: This isn’t just arts and crafts time anymore Hotels like HARD ROCK RESORT offer Jam Band Sessions and character dining. (Currently you can get their Ultimate Playtime package for free!)

– On-site Daycare: Better acrediation and background checks

– Baby Concierge: Leave your stroller, diaper and wipes at home. With Baby Concierge programs they provide it all for you (talk about saving luggage space! On our trip to Rome with the baby, we had one suit case just for diapers, wipes and baby food).



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