Summer Safety – water and sun

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Summer safety – water and sun

Have you ever wondered how you can keep your kids happy and sun while playing in the sun and water?

Check out these tips!

Always have an adult readily available

Although it seems extra easy to let our kids go out and play by themselves, it’s important to have a responsible adult with them at all times. Even if the kids are just going out for a few moments, it’s wise to have an adult available. Adults can help ensure that children stay safe while around water and that they are well protected from the sun.

My friend Rachel shared her terrifying story o how she almost lost her daughter drowning. You can read her story in the Washington Post. Asign an adult to be responsible for each child.

Wear proper protection from the sun

The sun may look incredibly harmless, but it can be very harmful and very deadly. Your skin needs lots of protection from the sun, which is why there are so many products to help. Don’t forget items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. It never hurts to shade yourself from the rays of the sun with an umbrella or with sitting in the shade.

We love the new Bull Frog Sunscreen Gel and Babiator sunglasses.


Proper flotation devices needed

If your kids are going to be playing around the water this summer, make sure they have proper flotation

devices available. Floaties are perfect for kids, but consider putting them in a life jacket as well for extra

safety. Going over basic safety lessons before the kid’s touch the water is always a smart idea. Water

accidents happen quickly, so it’s important to think and act fast when something does happen.

Swim lessons should be highly considered

Experts say that kids are never too early to take swim lessons, making that a top priority this summer is a bright idea. Putting safety first always results in more fun later down the road. Typically, indoor and outdoor swim lessons are available to kids of all ages. Do some research to figure out what fits into your budget and schedule, but make it a priority!

Having fun this summer comes down to making sure everyone is safe while in the sun and water. Following these aforementioned tips will help tremendously.

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