Women’s Cushe Slipper Review


Women's Cushe Slipper

Women’s Cushe Slipper

Remember a time when your feet were comfortable? Well, let’s go back to that time. A type of footwear that will change your life forever has been discovered. Are you ready to learn more? We got our hands on the Women’s Cushe Slipper II and yes we fell in love. Here’s why:

The Design

No shoe is complete without a stylish design. The Women’s Cushe Slipper II offers a design that you can wear with every day clothes and a design that you can dress up with, when needed.

The Ultimate Lightweight Shoe

When you think of a shoe you’re going to be wearing all of the time, you want something that’s lightweight. The Women’s Cushe Slipper II is the ultimate lightweight shoe that you won’t find anywhere else. The upper material is made out of premium textile or felt, which makes them the ultimate lightweight shoe. The canvas is also entirely breathable, which makes it even more comfortable as a shoe.


Yes, the Women’s Cushe Slipper II is completely affordable. It’s hard to put a price on a comfortable shoe, but it’s always wonderful when the shoe meets your ultimate standard and is completely comfortable.

Matching Shoes

One of our favorite features of the Women’s Cushe Slipper II is the fact you can buying a matching shoe for your little one! How fun is that?


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