Skiing, Milestones + Win-Wins


Skiing, Milestones + Win-Wins

Today a milestone. Our “baby” is now 15 months. At first I didn’t like people calling him a “toddler”, mostly because he was still a baby and not walking. But now, at 15 months, he is all toddler. So, I guess I can’t call him a baby any more.

It is so fun to watch him explore the world. He loves to pick flower blossoms, bang rocks together and eat dirt. He does this funny head shake when you ask him a question. But he’s also showing us he has his own way of doing things  and wants things he can’t have (like climbing in the dishwasher or climbing into the laundry basket). He’s busy. That’s an understatement. Creating a balance between teaching and giving him what he wants is a daily goal. It’s finding that win-win. A win for him means he’s happy and a win for me means I’m happy, too.

On Saturday we took him for skiing for the first time. It was A LOT of work to take three kids skiing. But thankfully, my husband is super dad and was determined to make it happen. The snow was typical for spring skiing, basically like skiing in mashed potatoes. It’s harder to turn in because you get snow on your skies. Our 7 year old was feeling a little nervous and our 4 year old was tired. But we skied from top to bottom.

First time skiing

It was a major milestone and one that I will always cherish. How many kids can say they skied at 15 months? It was one of those moments that make parenting so worth it! It was so happy. I am so proud of all of the kids. As we were driving home I looked at the back seat and got a little sentimental looking at our kids and what they had accomplished. I am so proud of them.


Gerber Graduates celebrates win-win moments like skiing for the first time.  Gerber helps us reach our health and wellness goals by creating healthy foods that taste good and have fun shapes that toddlers love. Gerber knows when mom is happy and baby is happy, that is a win-win moment.

Right now they have a campaign going on that if you buy 10 Gerber Graduate items you get a free gift valued at $11.99. It’s super easy.


1. Purchase 10 Gerber Graduate products – (I’ve found Walmart to have the best price and saw Gerber coupons in the mail)

Gerber graduates win-win

2. Take picture of your receipt Gerber Graduates Win-Win

3. Upload your photo at https://www.gerberwinwin.com/

4. Fill out your information

5. In 10-12 weeks you’ll receive a free custom bib for your little one, along with colorful NUK accessories to help create more mealtime win-win moments!






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  1. Grooming Update: Dec 31st Mike groomed the folliwong trails; Kane, Skyhigh, Hills Homestead, Matthews Loops, Chute, Raven’s Ridge, Vale and Menzies. Awesome Mike, thanks for keeping us all in good shape! There are lots of positive comments from skiers and we want to focus on these however ..an increased number of snowshoers are using the ski trails and messing up the trails causing rough sking and extra grooming. Please note that snow shoeing is not permitted on the trails, there are some links to some snow shoe trails in Kane Valley, you can find the links on our site and you can see the flagging tape too. Please encourage snow shoers to use these excellent trails so we can all enjoy playing outside with optimal conditions for all. Thank you all for supporting our non profit club! We encourage you all to buy a membership, or pay as you go and drop money in the box. Happy New Year and good health to one and all! Kate

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