Need a New Travel System in Your Life? The Urbini Emi Travel System is for You!


Urbini Emi Travel System Reviewurbini

As a mom who’s pregnant with her fourth child, I have tried many strollers over the past few years. Most of the time the strollers I have chosen have been based off of price and not convenience. However, this has proven to be a huge mistake.

Let me tell you why!

I have been using the Urbini Emi Travel System for a little over 3 weeks and I’m in love! Here’s why I love the Urbini Emi Travel System.

Easy to Put Together

After four children together, I have always allowed my husband to put the baby items together. I’ve never volunteered to put anything together, not once. As I was looking at the Urbini Emi Travel System I thought “I’ve got this.” So I tackled the stroller and put it together on my own. I may have put the wheels on backwards, but that’s a minor issue. I simply took the wheels off and put them back on correctly.

Easy to Maneuver

I’m 8 months pregnant and have three boys, so I needed a stroller that I could get in and out of the van with ease. I stopped using our double stroller because it was too bulky and I was not about to go back to a difficult stroller. Thankfully, the Urbini Emi Travel System didn’t disappoint. The stroller is easy to open and close and lightweight to lift.

I love the Functionality

My favorite feature of the Emi Travel System, the stroller in particular, is that I can move and adjust anything that I want. Since our baby isn’t here yet and our two year old is the only passenger that’s small enough for the stroller at the moment, he is enjoying the comfy set of baby wheels. That’s another reason I love this travel system. It’s practical and since using it with my two year old, I know that this stroller will last us for several more years to come.

Get a closer look for yourself at how easily the Urbini Emi Travel System  moves and folds.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=063yGcxkh3k&w=560&h=315]

A few pics of us in action with our new Urbini Emi Travel System!

urbiniMy son spent some time checking out the new gear when it first came in.


We took the Urbini Emi Travel System on a little trip to the Elementary School to watch brother sing.

yes 2

Getting a little shade from the sun thanks to the large canopy!

Why Purple?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that after three boys, we are having a girl in June. We love the color and our son doesn’t care!

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Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver is a work at home mom and wife. She's been married to Ryan for nearly 8 blissful years. She has three adorable and rowdy sons. Benjamin- 6, Isaac- 4, and Josiah-2 and a baby girl on the way! If you would like to contact Jess you can do so by clicking the contact me button on her website www.jessleewrites.com
Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver

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