Help Get the Mobile Library Rollin’

Help Get the Mobile Library Rollin’


Our mission at GO ADVENTURE MOM is to create the next generation of children that love the outdoors. We believe in teaching our children about all cultures and religions of the world because we believe it helps to make the world a better place.

One of my favorite groups that helps children stay connected to creativity and to the world is The Wonderment. They help kids through out the world. Right now they need help getting a mobile library in Guatemala rollin’.


The Wonderment

One of the best parts of the Wonderment is seeing kids share their voice and ideas on what they think can make their communities and the world a better place. Last week, through the efforts of thousands of kids working on the Wonderment around the world, we met our goal to provide students at San Francisco de Asis School for the Deaf in Cusco, Peru with a year of mime classes to help them communicate and learn storytelling techniques.

The wonderment

The next project the kids in the Wonderment want to see happen is pretty amazing. And we need your help to get it rolling:

When this bus arrives in Guatemala, it will help thousands of kids have access to creative and educational materials that have not been available to them until now. And kids around the world will have the opportunity, through the Wonderment platform, to have an active voice and role in its creation. The community in Chimaltenengo is ready to put it into action– we just need your help.

We’ve figured out how to build a bus into a library in a very cost-efficient way, but we need your help. Every dollar that you donate will go toward:

The bus ($6,000)
Renovation costs to make the bus a library ($2,000)
Kids books in both spanish and english ($1,000)
Creative art and Maker space supplies ($1,000)

It’s amazing that we live in a world where it’s possible for kids, communities and the world to collaborate together to make good things happen. We want this to be a pattern that kids experience and participate in throughout their childhood so that by the time they grow up, a better world grows up with them.

Thank you for helping make this happen for our young friends in Guate

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