Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint?

This morning I sat down with a friend and found myself stressing over writing this article. When I was asked to write this focusing on my company, Mello & Co, and our recent union with a recycling facility, 3R, I was not thrilled.

I only know my kind of recycling……passing clothes down to others when my daughter outgrows them, turning a milk jug into a bean shaker, or how about turning a baby jar into a “stained glass” candle holder…THIS list could go on!

I wasn’t thrilled to share my elementary level of knowledge when it comes to recycling. Basically I was intimidated by only knowing a little.
We “modern day” moms are more aware of engineering acronyms and toxic chemicals than say a mom 15 years ago.

There’s a lot of pressure to be current with all this knowledge, and let’s not even talk about the guilt associated with NOT being current. So again, I stress, I was scared to show my potential lack of knowledge.

But then it occurred to me, I may not be alone. I may actually have company when walking this path. So what does it mean to be aware of our carbon footprint?

I know as a business woman, it means doing my part as a business owner to ensure we create as little waste as possible. Mello & Co earned its first seed money by hosting a bottle fund raiser for a month.

That’s right, we started by recycling. Three years later, we are now engaged with a recycling company, 3R, and are creating a program for our product(s) to be recycled when the child has outgrown them.

We are proud of this program, and hope many parents/caregivers will utilize our recycling offer when their child has outgrown their Nawgum Teether.
As a mom, dad, caregiver……I say we keep recycling those milk jugs, and continue to pass down those outgrown clothes.

Every step we take together to minimize our waste is a step closer to a cleaner hike, and crystal clear water. I can only do my part, and trust you’ll do yours.

To learn more about the Mello & Co recycling program, please visit the recycling link found at the foot of our homepage at www.melloandco.com


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