Britax Advocate ClickTight Review + Giveaway


Britax ClickTight review

Britax Advocate ClickTight Review + Giveaway

New child safety laws have just not been passed. Unfortunately, many car seat owners do not install the car seats correctly. Britax has just revolutionized the way car seats are installed with the ClickTight system. I was fortunate to receive the Britax Advocate ClickTight for review purposes. Here are some of my findings.

Britax Advocate ClickTight

Safety Features Have Got Your Baby Covered


The Advocate ClickTight has got your baby covered when it comes to safety. This car seats safety standard are so high that this car seat has been certified for Air Travel. Buckling the seat belt has never been easier! All it takes is a couple of easy steps.


Britax Advocate ClickTight

Complete Side Impact Protection


It comes with complete side impact protection along with external cushions that protect your child should you be involved in an accident. It is fully convertible and has a foam headrest and external cushions. These standard features help to cradle your child’s head and upper body all the while keeping the neck and head secure. When I placed my child in the car seat it only took a couple of seconds to do so. I found that my child appeared to be quite comfortable in the car seat while we were out on the road. My child’s comfort and safety is important to me and when I am out on the road I know that they will be protected in the Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seat. Britax Advocate ClickTight

Other Standard Features Include-

– Stabilizing Steel Frame
-Impact Absorbing Base
-Tether and Harness
-SafeCell Complete Side Impact Protection


Built to Last


If you should be involved in a crash, the energy or force is directed away from your child and those in close proximity to them by the external cushions. They are made to compress and prevent your child from being thrown forward in an accident. The spine of the car seat is built to last and is strong enough to avoid breaking at the connection points.


Reduces Harsh Forward Movement


Patented rows of stitching give way one row at a time, therefore, reducing the harsh forward movement that can occur when an accident happens. The special harness also ensures that energy from a crash is dispersed without mishap. You will know when you have closed the 14 position harness in the proper manner. You will hear a click when it is tightened properly. Once you child grows the harness and buckle are totally adjustable.


Automatic Level Indicator Eliminates Guesswork

The Automatic Level Indicator adjusts itself when installing the car seat. Its 7-Position Recline provides a comfortable seating position. The cover can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Three fabric options are available for you to choose from.


A Peace of Mind

Overall, this car seat by Britax gives me a peace of mind. I am still nervous about being involved in a car accident and hope that I never am. For the time being, I know that my child is comfortable and secure in the Advocate ClickTight Car Seat as we are out and about on our adventures.

For more information about the Advocate ClickTight Car Seat, visit Britax USA.

Britax Advocate ClickTight Giveaway

Enter to win a Britax Advocate ClickTight of your very own! Contest ends April 21. Good luck!

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220 thoughts on “Britax Advocate ClickTight Review + Giveaway

  1. Mostly just the peace of mind is my favorite thing about Britax. We have been through 3 Britax car seats and have loved them all!!

  2. I love the adjustable crotch strap. it is so annoying and uncomfortable when you can not adjust it, which is the current problem we are having with car seat.

  3. I love this car seat! It’s so cute and looks really durable! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  4. I love the click tight feature! Secure and easy install every time!

  5. As a new mom of 2 this would be an amazing giveaway to win. We are needing to buy a new carseat for our little daughter soon and this is just the seat we would like, as it comes so highly recommended! Thanks, Go Adventure Mom for all the fun advice!

  6. This would be perfect for my little Man! We need to upgrade him out of his carrier and into one of these! I love that Britax pairs safety with style so well.

  7. I watched the video they have on their site and I really love how they are made and that the fact they test each one to be sure for the safety of our children..

  8. My favorite feature is -SafeCell Complete Side Impact Protection

  9. My favorite feature is the extremely easy installation! I love that the seat flips up and you just put the seat belt over and click it shut!

  10. My favorite feature is the SafeCell Impact Absorbing Base that compresses to absorb crash energy and counteract forward movement keeping your child clear from the seat in front of them. Awesome!

  11. We have a Britax seat for my daughter and I have been amazed at the durability and safety. I would love to have one for my son. The Advocate just looks so safe and I love the ClickTight feature, I wish that our Frontier had this! I have trouble getting a tight install and end up tugging so hard that the latch tightening belt twists. I think the ClickTight system appears to take the struggle out of a tight install which is VERY appealing. I am thinking we need to upgrade since I am tired of the kneeing, yanking, shoving, and tugging struggle!

  12. My favorite feature is the extra padding in the seat for comfort. The quality and safety of the seat are its selling points.

  13. My favorite features are the safety features i like the Stabilizing Steel Frame that is very important when it comes to safety.

  14. I like the safety rating for the Britax Advocate Clicktight!

  15. It seems like it’s great for stabilization of the head and neck and very comfortable as well.

  16. I like it’s SafeCell complete side impact protection feature.

  17. I love all the safety components, gives me peace of mind every trip :)

  18. I love the high quality of Britax products. We’ve always been impressed with ours.

  19. I love everything about Britax. It’s one of two brands I’m allowed to use for my grandchildren. I guess the 14 point harness is one feature that gives a peace of mind

  20. I had a Britax seat that expired several years ago. It was the easiest installation I have ever experienced in carseat. These new Britax seats look amazing and I can’t believe they managed to make the installation even easier!

  21. I like the Complete Side Impact Protection and all the cushions. It looks very safe and comfortable. I have always heard great things about Britax!

  22. I absolutely love the whole safety part of it!! Safety is the most important thing especially when you have kids in your car!

  23. The peace of mind is the biggest ease for a parent when it comes to car seats! It is also nice to have the feature for it to keep the buckles and straps out of the way.

  24. My favorite feature is the click tight installation system so that I know every time i strap my baby in that he is safe and that I have the seat in correctly.

  25. Oh my that click-it technology stopped me in my tracks to check out this review! I love that!!

  26. The high safety rating and click tight feature appeal to me. Car seats only work when installed and buckled properly so anything that can help parents, is great. I just want my babies to be safe!

  27. The ClickTight install is amazing and I love the convenience of the no-rethreading harness. But what I really love is that they’ve tested and changed their RF’ing 1″ shell rule from the top of the outer shell…to 1″ from top of the headrest. It really makes this seat an extended rearfacing contender, which is something that is very important to me!!!

  28. My favorite feature is the side impact protection that is so important to me.

  29. Having the side impact protection is what makes me love this car seat. Knowing that my baby is safe in any accident is a huge relief!

  30. The ease of installation with Britax seats is my favorite. A correctly installed seat is a safe seat!

  31. I love how it’s almost foolproof to have it buckled in properly. My husband always has trouble with them – we’re on our 4th child and carseats keep changing so anything that makes it easier is top notch in our book! What a wonderful invention!

  32. I absolutely love the ClickTight feature it is awesome!!! Britax hit a home run with this one!

  33. My favorite feature is the ease of installation. It’s a breeze compared to car seats of the past.

  34. I really like the clicking to let you know that the strap is just right!

  35. i have a Marathon Clicktight for my little peanut but would love to upgrade and pas that to my new baby! I love how simple the install is and how I know it goes in right every time!

  36. The click tight technology is definitely the best feature. I am always nervous that I have the car seat installed properly.

  37. My favorite feature has to be the ClickTight technology! I also love that you can ERF with this seat!

  38. We love our Britax carseats! I love the shoulder adjustment on our current ones and the new ClickTight. Makes it so easy to adjust for growing toddlers.!

  39. Love Britax products and their reliability. Love the click tight installation on this one.

  40. We don’t have the LATCH system in our vehicles (all older models), so getting the car seats installed securely has always been a struggle. I LOVE the ease of installation and the multiple recline positions of this car seat! The ClickTight feature is also a plus!

  41. So many great features like the Easy-On / Easy-Off LATCH Connectors lock into place with an audible click and are easily released with the push of a button. –

  42. I think the easy of buckling is amazing! I always get scratched up trying to thread the belt!

  43. The comfort of the seat coupled with the peace of mind that the seat is installed correctly! I have purchased other popular economy seats and they are so hard to install and uninstall.

  44. My favorite feature is the clicktight technology and the ease of it, knowing you are doing it right without struggling is priceless.

  45. My favorite thing about the Britax Advocate CT is it’s high safety rating and easy click tight installation!

  46. SafeCell impact protection is an integrated system of safety components that work together to protect my child

  47. I love the easy install! Installation has always been an area I get very nervous about, but with click-tight, there’s so little to second guess.

  48. i love that it is so easy to move from car to car. it would come in really handy when grandma needs to take the kids somewhere.

  49. I like the ease of the ClickTight mechanism. My sister has a Marathon with ClickTight, and I love, love, love her carseat. It’s so easy to install!

  50. I love my Britax Clicktight For my 3.5 year old. Gives me piece of mind my spouse and the grandmas are installing it correctly!

  51. The click tight installation system and that it will rf most kids to the full 40lbs as it allows the headrest to be fully extended while rf.

  52. I love the ease of installation with this seat! Also, Britax is known for their high quality, and more importantly SAFE, car seats and I would love to have the chance to own one!

  53. As a Child Restrain Safety Technician I love this technology, it helps make it easier for busy parents and caregivers to properly install their child safety seat, reducing risk of injury in the event of a collision

  54. I love the no re-thread harness feature and of course the clicktight installation!

  55. I love the everything about britax . The safety features are what appeal to me most and that’s the most important feature we look for when purchasing a car seat. We have 2 seats in cowmooflage and love them. Thank you Britax.

  56. I love Britax! I had a roundabout 55 for my first son and liked it a lot. However we were in an accident with that seat and it will be expiring soon. So I have been looking for a new Britax convertible for my second son who just 1. This seat was the one I have really been wanting for him!

  57. I love how easy the seat belt install is with click tight! I prefer seat belt install so I love the idea of click tight!

  58. I like that it’s a very easy to use decently long lasting seat. There’s rarely anything easier to install than a Britax convertible.

  59. Knowing for sure the car seat is in tight! I constantly worry that I haven’t tightened our boulevard enough using the anchors…

  60. I’m a CRST and have always loved the ease of use for Britax seats. The new ClickTight makes it even more amazing!

  61. The click tight installation – easy way to make sure your kiddo is safe.

  62. I love the high rear facing limits! I have to mention…the pic at the top…the chest clip is too low on that sweet one. It should be up at armpit level.

  63. The EZ-Buckle System that keeps buckles and straps out of your way when placing your child in the car seat is my favorite feature. Our family loves the Britax brand.

  64. I love Everything Britax! I Would love to win this as I’m needing a new car seat for one of my littles.

  65. My favorite feature is the ClickTight System. Since all car seats are considered safe, installation is the most important factor in car seat safety and it’s one of the things most often done wrong. This seat is awesome!

  66. Love that the Automatic Level Indicator adjusts itself when installing the car seat. And, it comes in three different fabrics – how wonderful is this to have options.

  67. My fave feature is the click tight and side protection. It looks easy to use! Would definitely give me ease of mind.

  68. I love Britax products. I’m glad they are continually finding innovative ways to make protecting our children easier.

  69. I love that I can move this from car to car with out struggling to make sure latch is done soo much easier with clicktight. Britax nailed it!

  70. We love Britax. I’m getting ready to switch from the infant Britax B-Safe seat to a convertible. This review was great.

  71. This looks like an amazing seat for the ease of use and the high safety ratings!

  72. We have owned a Britaxin the past and the quality/safety surpass others. The new click tight feature is even more appealing!

  73. My favorite feature is that it’s rear facing. I would love to keep my little girl rear facing up to 3yrs of age. She is 1.5yr old right now and someone gave us a car seat at the baby shower that is a really nice one but not rear facing. So my poor little one is still in her infant seat and out growing it fast!

  74. I love how easy it looks to get in and out! That’s the worst part of car seats.

  75. I love that is has a level indicator so you don’t have to guess if it’s in the right position and level! I’m always guessing with our youngest’s seat, based on the line that is drawn on the side of the seat. Having a level indicator would make it so much easier!

  76. We have an advocate 70 cs right now, and love it, but wish it was more fool proof to install. Sounds like the click tight solves that problem. Any advancement in the arena of car seat safety (particularly installation issues) is a great feature to me!

  77. I like how easy it looks to use the seat belt. When installing my current seat (not Britax) I feel like a contortionist trying to get the seat in tight!

  78. My favorite feature is the ClickTight installation! I feel comfort knowing my husband could install the car seat without me since the installation is so simple. He’s a smart man but knows nothing about car seats. Lol!

  79. I love the clicktight technology! Just taketbe slack out of the car seat straps and its a breeze :)

  80. Love the automatic level indicator. Makes it so easy to install and I’m all for less frustration!

  81. We love all things Britax and the ease of installing safely is huge for our growing family

  82. I have many favorite feature is the click tight installation but there are many other features that makes BRITAX my favorite car seats. We have purchased a few since 2011 and we still have and use our previous models.

  83. My favorite feature is that it was made for easy installation with the seat belt.

  84. I’m a foster parent to my almost 9 month old nephew and we have the Britax Bucket seat which is amazing however little man is outgrowing it very fast. It’s always a comfort knowing your little ones are safe because there is only so much we can control while on the road. The fact that this lets you know it’s been put in acurtaly is fantastic! Good luck to all whom enter.

  85. I love the ease of buckling it in. Currently our niece is using our youngest sons seat when she’s with us which is almost always and it’s such a pain getting it buckled in and most importantly I think with it being a little older it’s not as safe as the newer seats especially this one. I also like how it has the level indicator which is another thing I struggle with. I also love all the safety features that’s built into it. Thanks for the opportunity!

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  86. I would love to try the new clicktight feature, it seems so simple and like it will easily become my favorite part of the seat.

  87. My favorite feature is the click tight and also being able to add an anti rebound bar.

  88. The Britax Advocate Click Tight comes with complete side impact protection

  89. I love the easy installation and level indicator and the peace of mind that it gives to know your seat is in correctly.

  90. The automatic level indicator that gives you insurance that you’re installing correctly!

  91. I love Britax & would love to win this to have in our car for our grandson.

  92. I love that it can be removed and reinstalled with peace of mind that it is in correctly if you need to switch vehicles.

  93. My favorite feature is the ease of installation…it makes me confident that my little one is safe.

  94. I love Britax car seats and we desperately need a new one for our newest addition!!

  95. hoping the click tight feature will make it easier for others to install when necessary

  96. I love the click tight system! I can feel comfortable knowing my little ones are safe when other people install their car seats because it is so easy to do!

  97. Love my Britax marathon!!! I would love to have the new click tight system :)

  98. I absolutely love the ease of install with the clicktight feature. I own two combination seats by Britax and I am very pleased with the quality.

    Also, I am not sure how to PM the publisher about this and maybe it’s just the angle but in the photo in the article, it looks like the chest clip is too low and the straps are possibly a little loose.

  99. Easy of installation. You have to be a contortionist to install some seats correctly.

  100. Aside from the ease of installation my favorite feature is Britax’s attention to safety.

  101. The click tight installation (so easy!) & that you don’t have to retread the harness straps to adjust the shoulder height!

  102. I love how easy it is to use. A friend has one and I would love to have one someday

  103. my favorite thing is how easy it is to install correctly, thanks for the giveaway!

  104. I love the safety and security of the britax products! I have a marathon for my toddler, and b safe infant car seat that my big boy is quickly growing out of!

  105. My favorite feature on the Britax Advocate ClickTight is the peace of mind. I really really want to win something like this! Our baby just turned 1 and the Britax Advocate ClickTight would be perfect. I just want my baby to be safe!

  106. The ease of install and extended weight limit for harnessed riders is my favorite!

  107. Complete Side Impact Protection, built to last and ease of install

  108. My favorite feature is the SafeCell Complete Side Impact Protection!

  109. I like the protection it provides!! Side protection is very important!! I think this is a wonderful car seat!!

  110. my favorite feature is that this car seat has been certified for air travel

  111. My favorite feature on the Britax Advocate ClickTight is the ease of installation with real confidence in just a few easy steps!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  112. The ease of instillation! I like easy! And the fact that it looks really comfortable too!

  113. I love the click-tight feature for proper installation on this car seat! Another reason to love Britax.

  114. I like be how simple and easier it is to install, so I will be able to install in my and my husband’s car as needed. I also LOVE the safety features and how force is distributed if in a crash.

  115. I love that it’s so easy install correctly and that it will last us for so long.

  116. I think my favourite feature of the click tight seat is the ease of install. I would love to have one of these seats for a spare for if one of my children were to travel with someone else.

  117. The higher rear facing limits. My son is a tall kiddo so it would be great!

  118. its so easy to install we NEED one of these were in the market now!

  119. I love the Britax Advocate ClickTight Patented Harsh Forward Movement feature. I hate to ever think about being in an accident with my little man but if there ever comes a time I feel better knowing my son will have the least amount of impact as possible! I’ve never heard of a feature like this before and I think it’s excellent! Thank-you for an amazing giveaway! Good luck babes!

  120. I love that the Britax Advocate is built with a Stabilizing Steel Frame! It’s also impressive that it’s been certified for Air Travel! It would be incredible to win! Thank-you for a great review and giveaway!

  121. besides for the clicktight that makes installation a breeze I would have to say my favorite feature is the no rethread height adjustable harness. Great for when my kids decide to switch carseats

  122. I love how easy the seat is to install and I am loving the idea of the click tight!

  123. I love the ease of installation. I’m on baby #3 and this will be perfect for the moving from my car to the grandparents!

  124. I thought the Click Tight feature would be my favorite, but the 40# RFing limit is! This seat will keep my daughter RFing longer than any other seat out there right now!

  125. I love the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator. Hearing a noise that lets me know my daughter is secured properly would be incredible. I check and recheck everything!

    Thank you so much!!!

  126. My favorite feature on the Britax Advocate ClickTight is the side impact protection.

  127. I love how easy it is to install. Makes doing it right that much easier.

  128. My favorite feature of the Click Tight is how easy it is to install and the complete side impact protection!

  129. I like that it has a stabilizing steel frame and an impact absorbing base.

  130. I love the fact that the cover can be easily removed for cleaning purposes

  131. I love the structure and ease of the seats and that they feel sturdy and strong to protect my little one. The ease of installing and now even easier with click tight keeps britax as my number one go to seat and travel system!

  132. I love how easy this car seat is to instal. So quick and so easy. LOVE IT

  133. I like the feature that allows it to click when you have it installed properly and tight enough, that is great!

  134. I love the ease of installation! It’s even Grandparents proof lol.

  135. It looks like a beautiful seat. I love everything about britax seats but the ease of use in general is my favourite thing.

  136. lots of quality features…harsh movements, side impact protection and a safe seat for precious cargo..to name a few! Pick me!

  137. Between the steel frame, the higher weight limits, and the Click Tight feature, how can I not be impressed? :)

  138. I live how easy it is to clean and remove the cover! Thanks so much for the chances to win this

  139. I like so many of the safety features of this car seat including the Quick-Adjust 14 -Position Harness and 2 – Position Buckle.

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