Five Tips for First Time Adventurers

5 Tips for First Time Adventurers

by Matt Galland from 100 MILES FROM NOWHERE ( Premieres April 5, 10 PM ET/PT)

1. Know your Limits:

Your brain is an amazing tool, and when it sends you a warning signal, I’d heed it’s warning. Heading off the beaten path can be really exciting and relatively safe, but there can be a lot of hidden dangers as well. Lucky for us, we are highly evolved creatures, and our intuition and good senses can do wonders at keeping

2. Take tip #1, and break the rules a LITTLE bit.

I find that too often people today are a little too skeptical of Mother Nature and untrusting of what she has to offer. Sure there are times to be safe, but on your next adventure go a little farther. Look over that next hill, and see what’s there. Take a dip in that ice-cold lake next time, or spend the night out alone high on the mountain. Remember, you were looking for adventure in the first place, so when adventure comes knocking, be willing to say “yes” a little more.

3.  Take the right gear.

Too many people tell me they hate snow skiing because their jeans get too wet. Jeans? Please, we live in a time where competition in the market makes awesome prices and gear available to all. The right gear can keep you safe, comfortable and happier in the backcountry. Here’s a personal tip from me: Merino wool socks. I use them all the time every time. I run 3000 miles a year. Trust me.

4. Bring a friend. One that you like!

Nothing is more gratifying than having an adventure of a lifetime with someone you can share that memory forever. It’s one thing to see beauty with your own eyes, but it’s something quite different see it through another’s.

5. Be happy.

Sure, it sounds dorky, but I believe adventure heals humanity from the mundane humdrum of everyday life. Your adventures should be a time of healing, and I think if you take upon yourself the attitude of “adventuring is awesome,” then you will return with a smile on your face and better equipped to handle the next day of life.

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