Thule Urban Glide Sports Stroller Review

Thule Urban Glide Sports Stroller

Thule Stroller


Ever since having my first baby, strollers have become a rather important item in my life. And by ‘rather important’, I mean critical.

It is the difference of getting out and about versus having cabin fever from being indoors all day.

I found that the stroller I used the first 12 months would get more and more wobbly, and creaked, and didn’t do well in the snow at all. It got to the point I didn’t want to go on walks with my daughter because of my stroller.

I had my husband work on tightening the screws and inflating the tires, but it didn’t help. So that was a real frustration.


I wanted a stroller with bigger wheels, that would be capable of going over grass and uneven ground, aside from a smooth paved path.

I also wanted a stroller that would work well for jogging.

It is amazing how much you suddenly ask from the stroller in your life once you have a kid.

But you find out, quickly, it does make a big difference in your ability to get outdoors and play, and go where you want.



I have been using the Thule Urban Glide Sports Stroller for a few winter months now, and I love it.

This is an awesome sports stroller.

I hoped it would perform well during winter walks/runs through snow/slush/ice, and it has done wonderful. The winter months are the true test of a stroller, obviously it will perform great in the summer when the paths are dry.

I have taken it jogging several times with my one year old bundled up, and I couldn’t be happier with how well it handles and how smooth it rides. (I’ve run with other strollers that have struggled to keep smooth and steady with my sometimes jolty running pace.)


I also like that it is easy to maneuver and I can change directions with one hand. You can take this stroller practically anywhere, dirt path, road, sand, etc.

It folds quick and easy, and my toddler, who hates the sun in her eyes, appreciates the shade cover that extends farther than our previous strollers.



It would be nice to have a cup holder or tray for use during walks, but there is a good sized pouch and a big storage space underneath.

Otherwise, I give the Urban Glide two thumbs up!


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