Interview with Family Travel Expert Samantha Brown

Interview with Family Travel Expert Samantha Brown

The Travel Channel Host Shares Her Travel Secret To Traveling With Kids


We had a chance to chat with one of our favorite Travel Channel hosts, Samantha Brown. Originally our interview was scheduled for last week, but we both ended up having sick family members. Right off the bat, we connected as mothers with a passion for travel.

I was pleasantly surprised by how nice she is in person and we had a great time talking about family travel. Sam shares her secret travel trick for traveling with kids. (You’ll want to add this to your travel bags!)

Kathy: I love your article on 6 Things I Always Bring On A Plane. Since becoming a mother of twins, how has your list changed? Is there something you’d add to your list?
Samantha: Unfortunately I think that list has changed completely! Now I always error on the side of caution and bring food and am prepared. There never seems to be child friendly food at the airport, you can’t just buy diapers or whole milk. But as I’ve traveled with the children, I feel like can trust the system a little more.
Kathy: What are your secrets to traveling with children?
Samantha: My secret to traveling with children is STICKERS! Anything from puppy stickers to pearl gems that go on the window.
Another thing we do is rehearse the security line. With two baby carries, strollers and to adults it can can tricky and add a lot of stress. By rehearsing what we do, we each know what our responsibilities are and can trouble shoot who will hold the baby.
It’s even better with older children because you can get them involved in the process. For example, you can use the kitchen table and an empty salad bowl as the tray. The children can practice putting the teddy bear in the salad bowl and walking through the check point. 
This has worked really well.
Samantha Brown
Kathy: What trends do you see in family travel for 2015?
Samantha: 2015 is the year for travel. With gas prices historically low, road trips are huge. You can go further than you thought you would. Gas is so cheap at two dollars a gallon.
The US dollar is the strongest against the Euro it has been in 10 years. We’ll see more people traveling to Europe than in years past.
Multi-generational travel will also be big, we will see grandparents wanting to take their children to European destinations.
Suddenly it’s affordable to travel and they are going to go further than they have. They aren’t going to put it off or stay home on awful stay-cations.
Kathy: What advise would you give to parents on traveling with children?
Samantha: When your child is crying you feel effected the most. Mothers need to give themselves a break when their child cries. I know your mortified that the baby is crying, but I think other travelers are much more empathetic than we give them credit for. You may always get that one jerk, but at least there is only one.
Kathy: What are cities have you found are the most family friendly?
Samantha: I love cities more than beaches for family destinations. New York, Washington and Chicago are wonderful cities.
What people don’t realize is that cities are less expensive during the summer and often people that work in the city during the week empty out on the weekends. You can get discounts on hotels on the weekends and typically big cities have airports close by and you don’t have to travel for more than 30 or 40 minutes from the airport.
Often there festivals, music concerts and events at the park that are free.
Chicago is my favorite city for families because you get the city experience, the beach and an amusement part all close to downtown. It’s easy to fly into and has everything.
Kathy: What’s next for you? Where are you traveling this year?
Samantha: I will be at the Travel + Adventure Shows at speaking engagements until the end of March. If you are in the Bay Area this weekend, Los Angeles February 21-22 and PhiladelphiaMarch 21-22. Come say “hi”! We will have a Q & A Session and a Meet and Greet.
There is a NEW PROJECT with the Travel Channel that hasn’t been announced, that I’m very excited to be apart of.
Kathy: How can we connect with you?
– Online: SamanthaBrown.com 
– Twitter – @samanthabrown 
– Facebook: Real Samantha Brown 


Who else is adding stickers to their carry-on bag from now on?

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