PickPocket Proof Pants

Pick Pocket Proof Pants

PickPocket Proof Pants

Traveling internationally is an adventure. Unfortunately, there are also pick pockets who take advantage of travelers.

When I was asked to be one of 8 American bloggers to travel to India  with Coca Cola to witness their #5by20 initiative my only concern was that I’m a tall, medium blond haired American unused to travel in developing countries.

I felt like I would stand out and be an easy target for pick pockets. Then I checked out these pick pocket proof travel pants by Clothing Arts. 

The Delhi Market IMG_9709

When I visited the market in Delhi it was clamoring with people, culture and music. I loved it. Fortunately, I felt my valuables were safe wearing my Clothing Arts pickpocket proof pants for women.

The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a place where a lot of pick pocketing takes place. I was able to focus on the Taj’s beauty instead of on my valuables.

I packed these pants with everything I needed AND my notepad and pen to interview people without added bulk. I was amazed.


  • Made from 100% Nature-like Nylon, these feel and wear like comfy cotton pants but they are also quick drying, lightweight, durable, and wrinkle resistant.

  • Extremely pack-able

  •  Dual side smartphone/credit card pockets

  • Side cargo pockets for sunglasses

  • A double secure cargo pocket for passport

  • Back pocket offers two levels of security perfect for credit cards or IDs

These pants have enough secure pockets to leave your purse behind.

Target Group:

  • Women and men who travel and want to carry valuables without extra bulk
  • Travelers who want to pack light and have wrinkle free pants when pulled out of suitcase

The Main Benefit:

  • These pants gave me peace of mind
  • I also found them to be attractive and slimming

Cons from other Reviews:

Some says the pants aren’t roomy enough in the hips. I’m a size 8 but I have no hips so I liked the way these fit. Since the reviews the company has said they have made them a bit more roomy in the hips.
sell for $99.95

They are 100% guaranteed or they will refund your money.

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